Fangirlish Writers React to Trailers For Fox’s Freshman Shows

Television is one of our favorite things and with all of the new trailers that have been released, we had to think about what we’ll be able to add into our schedule. This week we’re telling our thoughts on the new trailers – starting with Fox.

A.P.B. (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – It was …okay. Not blown away, but I also didn’t hate it. It did seem like a procedural with nothing but technology to set it apart from the rest. Probably didn’t help that there wasn’t any character in the trailer I really connected with. Would you watch it or not – Nope. It’s not a hard never in my life, but for now, nope.  

Alyssa: The premise is intriguing, but it still doesn’t do enough to stand apart from all of the other police shows out there. Sure, the technology aspect is enticing, but otherwise it feels lackluster. A.P.B. is a show I’d watch because I’m curious, but it’s not necessarily one I’d make a priority to. Luckily this airs midseason so perhaps it might just make the cut.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Boring, same old procedural looking drama with a twist. Nothing that we haven’t seen before. Would you watch it – No. Will this show be a priority for you  – No.

Caryn: Overall thoughts –It’s an interesting concept, there are so many traditional workplaces that can be improved with technology, it would be good to see a prototype of this actually working. Would you watch it or not – Yes, maybe once it is a few episodes in. Will this show be a priority for you – Nope, it would be a backburner show

Chloe:  Overall thoughts – The SVU fan in me was intrigued from the beginning, but this trailer took a turn I didn’t expect. Seems like a unique premise with the A.P.B. app – but I wonder how much longevity that premise has.  Would you watch it or not – I’m definitely interested. I would give it a chance. Will this show be a priority for you – Depends what else is on – so I guess not really.

Erin: Sometimes shows are intriguing and sometimes they aren’t. There is nothing that really sets this apart from the other procedural cop shows out there. It’s a pass on this show for me. 

Making History (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – What even is this crap? I can’t. I just …FOX cancelled The Grinder to bring in this comedy? Are you serious? Is this a bad joke or something? A time traveling bag? I’ve officially lost all my faith in humanity.  Would you watch it or not – No, thank you. I was cringing hard during the trailer. Had a hard time finishing. Can’t even imagine enduring an entire episode. Will this show be a priority for you  – 100% not watching.

Alyssa: Well the premise is certainly unique from the other time travel shows out there (seriously, that’s the new thing), and I’m all for adding a twist to history. It just seems so damn ridiculous that I’m curious to see where the hell this is going. I’d definitely give this show a chance, but it’s not one that I’d need to necessarily watch live. It’s one of those that would be good to binge during hiatus.

Lyra:  Overall thoughts – Cheesy and unnecessary way to have a time travel show on FOX. Would you watch it or not – No. Will this show be a priority for you – No.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – I’m so keen for this, the trailer made me laugh out loud, the concept is ridiculous but it seems like they handle it with just the right amount of comedy and tongue-in-cheek. I also adore Adam Pally and Leighton Meester, so that’s added bonus. Would you watch it or not – Yes, probably just to add some lighthearted comedy into my life. Will this show be a priority for you –  Yes, it will probably be something that I watch regularly

Chloe: Overall thoughts – Leighton Meester! This was a long trailer, but the show seems to have an interesting concept. I like the blending of past and present – because let’s be real, if we could go to the past, who wouldn’t be exploiting stuff from present day to make ourselves look better? Near, far, wherever you are… Would you watch it or not – I would give it a shot. Will this show be a priority – Not really.

Erin: I am all about time travel, but look – I can’t even watch this crap. 30 seconds in, I turned this off. 

The Mick (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – This looked surprisingly okay. Not a 100% gotta watch, but I could maybe give it a chance. I think I’d probably get tired of this type of humor really quick, but who knows? Female led comedies are a dime a dozen, so I can give it a few episodes, see what it’s like. Would you watch it or not – Maybe. I’ll give it a shot, but I wouldn’t commit to it 100% Will this show be a priority for you – Not high. Probably one of those I catch up with when I have some free time.

Alyssa: Okay the lone fact that this comedy stars Kaitlin Olson from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is enough to ensure that I’ll be watching. She has this fresh sense of crude humor that is often lacking in comedies these days. A dysfunctional family relationship comedy? Sign me up. I can already see that this cast has a ton of chemistry. Given that it’ll debut in midseason, this is a show that I could see myself watching. It won’t be high on my priority list, but I’ll definitely make an effort to watch.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – It’s a hilariously edgy comedy that doesn’t care to be politically correct or sticking to the female standards. Our leading lady is gross, irresponsible, and in for an adventure of her own. There’s no way that she won’t learn something from this experience. Would you watch it or not – Of course. It’s Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There’s no way I’m missing out on her big break to star on her own. Will this show be a priority for you  – Not my first priority but I’ll catch on during a break!

Caryn:  Overall thoughts – It looks extremely entertaining, and Kaitlin Olson is an excellent comedic actress. Would you watch it or not – I don’t think I would, at least not initially.

Chloe: Overall thoughts – Mixed feelings. I wasn’t into it at first, but I have a weakness for watching the lifestyles of the rich and famous play out on TV – so I warmed up to it as the trailer went on. Would you watch it or not – Might give it a shot. Will this show be a priority for you – No.

Erin: I love comedy, but there is nothing about this trailer that kept me interested. There is nothing about this trailer that made me want to watch it. It’s like one of those shows that you may watch late at night when you can’t sleep, but nothing that will keep you interested forever. I’m good. I’ll pass.

Pitch (Midseason)

Lizzie:  Overall thoughts – This it THE show I’m most excited for out of all the new shows on any network. It’s the dream of my 8-year old baseball/television fan. I’m all in. I’m glad FOX moved it to the Fall. That probably means more episodes. Would you watch it or not – Yes. Will this show be a priority for you – I’m planning on watching live! This is the one new show I’d give priority to.

Alyssa: This is easily one of my most-anticipated new shows this television season as it deals with two of my favorite things: sports and women making waves in sports. This is definitely a show I’ll be watching when it premieres this fall (see: the anticipation is that great that they moved it from midseason to the fall). Pitch is definitely high on my priority list for television this fall. Pitch is easily one of my picks for breakout hits this new fall season.

Lyra:  Overall thoughts – It’s amazing. A show about a girl playing in a male dominated sport and fighting against all the odds? I don’t like baseball but I’d give it a chance for what it represents. It’s a female breaking that glass ceiling and showing us that we can do whatever the hell we want with enough patience and training! Would you watch it or not – Of course I’d check it out. Female leads need all the support we can give them. Let’s give FOX all the “female” it can handle! Will this show be a priority for you – Not my first priority but I’ll catch up during the weekend.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – I love that they are dubbing this as ‘a true story on the verge of happening’, it is a show that we deserve, and one that will be hella interesting to watch. I can’t wait.  Would you watch it or not – A story of a WOC being a trendsetter, of course I would watch it. Will this show be a priority for you – It would be a priority

Chloe:  Overall thoughts-  I’m not really a sports fan, but this actually looks pretty good – more like a movie trailer than TV. Plus, gotta love San Diego. Again, not sure how much longevity this concept has, but it’s one that I like so far. Would you watch it or not – Yes, I would give it a try. Will this show be a priority for you – Probably not.

Erin: I am so excited for this show. I can’t even put it into words. I think that it’s so great that they are say ‘true story on the verge of happening’ – because it needs to happen. I love the trailer – I thought I was watching a movie trailer. This TV show will be a priority for me. It will be something that I plan on watching live. CAN NOT WAIT> 

Shots Fired (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Looks interesting. It’s a tricky subject, and it could be a hit or a miss, but I’m going to give it a shot. FOX cancelled a lot of stuff this year, so there are tons of series to check out. One of them has to be a hit. Could be this one. Would you watch it or not – Yes, I’m watching. It looks like it’ll be a short/even type series, too, so it’s not that huge a commitment. Will this show be a priority for you  – Middle of the scale. Not a huge commitment, but not the first thing I’d drop, either.

Alyssa: Color me intrigued. Shots Fired has my full intention. The storyline is compelling and relevant to issues we face in the world today, and just after watching this trailer I need to know what happens. This is definitely a show that I’ll be watching. In terms of priority, midseason is a good fit that should make it easy to keep up with on a weekly basis.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – This show hits a little too close to home at the current moment. Not appealing at all in its concept or cast. Would you watch it or not – No. Will this show be a priority for you – No.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – This seems like it would be an important introspective about race issues, police corruption and the media and how it impacts the lives of people. Would you watch it or not – Yes Will this show be a priority for you  – Yes, it would be

Chloe: Overall thoughts – Talk about relevant. This trailer is pretty on-point from a societal standpoint, and it also seems like the show will pack a storytelling punch. I would be interested to see what kind of response the race reversal gets as well.  Would you watch it or not – Yes. Interested to see how this plays out. Will this show be a priority for you – Potentially.

Erin: I feel like this show seems to be really interesting and I will be interested to see how it plays out. I am glad it is midseason, because then it seems like then I will have time to watch. 

Star (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Meh. Not excited. There was nothing calling me to watch this, no spark. I’m probably going to pass.  Would you watch it or no – Nope.

Alyssa:  So FOX is trying to capitalize off the success of its hit Empire with an intriguing take on the rise of a girl group from rags to riches. The story seems interesting enough as we appear to get an inside look at the music industry in a different way from Empire. Plus: Queen Latifah. I have to watch just for that reason alone. Another midseason show that will nicely fill the gap left by Empire during its hiatus. I’ll give it a go.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – A cliche tale about a girl that rises from nothing in hopes of finding stardom. You’d think that would be appealing but it isn’t. The combination of music into drama has always thrown me off. It’s not enjoyable for seasons. Would you watch it or not – Hard pass. Will this show be a priority for you if you will watch it – No.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz, Benjamin Bratt, those already sold me. Add a TLC like group and good music, I’m more than curious. Would you watch it or not – Yes  Will this show be a priority for you – Yes, give me all the shows about music

Chloe: Overall thoughts – Hmm. This is another one that looks more like a movie than TV. I wasn’t into it at the beginning of the trailer, but by the end I was pretty intrigued. The star power alone makes it worth a shot – hello, Lenny Kravitz and Queen Latifah.  Would you watch it or not – I’m not 100% sold, but I would give it a chance. Will this show be a priority – No.

Erin: Sign me up. I am there. I am going to give this one a chance. It won’t be a priority, but it will live well on my DVR until I want to watch it. 

Prison Break (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Never seen the original. Maybe I should have, since this looks good. Interesting. However, it makes no sense to watch the revival without first binge-watching the series, so this is a no for me, unless I somehow start with the original and can’t stop watching. Would you watch it or not – Nope.

Alyssa: Given the fact that I was hardcore in love with Prison Break when it originally aired on FOX, is it any question that I’ll be watching this live when it airs this midseason? This trailer has me amped like no other. Same premise, new story. The emotions are coming back. This is definitely high on my list of most-anticipated new/returning shows this season.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – It looks amazing! I’ve never watched Prison Break so I have to do that first. But the storyline looks intriguing and different. Plus Leonard Snart? Sign me up quick! Would you watch it or not – I would watch it, after watching the original series! Will this show be a priority for you if you – As soon as I catch up it will be a priority for sure. I need more Wentworth.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – Firstly, I think that trailer just gave away the ending, or the resolution. But other than that, it looks like great closure for fans of the series. Would you watch it – I was never a big fan of the original series, having only seen the first season, so I’ll sit this one out. 

Chloe: Overall thoughts – I see actors I like! This looks intense. Heist plots are my weakness, so I’m totally into this premise. Would you watch it or not – I’m torn because this was one of the best trailers of the bunch, but I haven’t seen the original Prison Break. I’m interested but I would want to catch up first, unless reviews indicate that that’s not necessary. Will this show be a priority for you – If I can catch up in time, I could see this becoming a priority for me.

Erin: Didn’t like the first one – ain’t gonna bother with the trailer or this one.

24: Legacy (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Again, never seen the original, don’t care much about the revival. Unlike Prison Break, I have no intentions of catching up with this one. Would you watch it or not – No.

Alyssa: The sound of a clock ticking – what sweet music to my ears. This trailer was everything I’d expect from a 24 show – action, intrigue, political threat, and high stakes. It has enough to entice returning fans, as well as capture the attention of new fans given as this is a new story set in the 24 world. As a fan of the original 24, I definitely will be checking this out. I’d say in terms of new shows this season it ranks high on my list.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – I’m impressed that they gave this format another try. But is it a winner? No. It doesn’t have the same spark as the original series. Also I’m a little lost on what’s happening and what would be expected of a new viewer. Is Jack going to return? Will there be 24 episodes? Honestly don’t know and I think I should. Would you watch it or not – Probably not. I didn’t jump out of my seat in excitement when I saw this. That should be answer enough. Will this show be a priority for you – No.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – It looks like an epic action series, well made with a great story. Would you watch it or not – I didn’t watch the original series, I’m not a huge fan of action series so I’ll not be watching this one.

Chloe: Overall thoughts – Not into it. The trailer is well done and intense, but this isn’t really my kind of show. Would you watch it or not – I like the concept of 24 – though I haven’t seen the original – but I’m not really into shows with terrorism/politics as the main focus, so no. Will this show be a priority – N/A

Erin: Didn’t like the first one – ain’t gonna bother with the trailer or this one.

Lethal Weapon (Wednesdays, 8/7c)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – I’m just not feeling it. Not at all. And that’s a shame because I enjoyed the movies, and I my schedule is light on comedies. But this is not one I’m going to add. No way. Would you watch it or not – Not happening.

Alyssa: FOX is really trying to nail home this nostalgia thing with returning shows and past favorites reimagined for the small screen. I feel like this is a show I have to check out given that it’s based on the cult classic movie. The trailer shows a fresh, modern take on the dysfunctional yet functional relationship of Murtaugh and Riggs. It’s not too high on my priority list though given all of the new and returning shows. But I definitely want to give it a chance.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – If you liked the movie then you’ll certainly enjoy the show. It has the same atmosphere and jokes as the classic. Unfortunately for me, I never liked the original or it’s many sequels. Would you watch it or not – No, hard pass on this one.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – This looks more like a buddy cop reboot movie than a series, but it does look entertaining, and Damon Wayans is always hilarious. Would you watch it or not – Not initially, perhaps if it receives good reviews after a couple of episodes.

Chloe: Overall thoughts – Um… That was wild from start to finish. This trailer was kind of all over the place – hard to know what to think or expect. Would you watch it or not – This one seems like a little bit of a hot mess. There’s some potential there, but I’m not feeling it. Will this show be a priority for you – N/A

Erin: I loved the movies, but I feel like there is no reason for this to be a TV show. Maybe I will watch it when I am bored, but it won’t be something I look forward to.

The Exorcist (Fridays, 9/8c)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – This is really, really not my kind of show. I haven’t even seen the movie, because I just don’t do scary. So, no thank you. Not watching this. Would you watch it or not – Nope.

Alyssa: Yeah, I’m not impressed by this trailer at all. Shouldn’t a show based on The Exorcist be, I don’t know, at least a little scary? Because I wasn’t scared at all. Not even a little bit. That’s a problem. Given this trailer I don’t think this is a show that I’ll be watching.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – What’s meant to be a scary thriller turns out to be a slow take on the original with few surprises in between. I’m not scared. I’m not thrilled. I’m not looking forward to seeing more. Would you watch it or not – No.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – It seems terrifying but also compelling. I can see why the interest is there. I think Geena Davis is an excellent addition, but it does not even touch on how scary the film was. Would you watch it or not – Nope, I don’t do well with horror

Chloe: Overall thoughts – I was afraid to even watch this trailer, but hey, anything in the name of journalism. Serialized horror is still pretty new, so there’s a lot of room for experimentation. This trailer still seems like a movie, so it would be interesting to see how they maintain the tension week to week. Would you watch it or not – Though I’m intrigued by how this type of storytelling is developing for TV, I won’t be watching because I’m a horror wimp. Tell me how it is! Will this show be a priority for you – N/A

Erin: I won’t even watch the trailer. HELL TO THE NO.

Son of Zorn (Sundays, 8:30/7:30c)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – This is one of those weird shows that will probably appeal to a lot of people, but that I just can’t care about, at least, that’s what the conclusion I get from the trailer alone. It’s just not my type of funny.  Would you watch it or not – Nope.

Alyssa: Well that was certainly unique. Look, I’m all for an original comedy that tries something different, but I have absolutely no desire to ever watch an episode of this show. I love cartoons, yes. I love live-action comedy, yes. But this show just looks ridiculous. I’m really wondering what shows FOX passed over for this.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Raunchy jokes meets sexist cartoon just trying to get back his life together with human woman. Honestly seems like an idea that someone dreamt up while sitting on a toilet. It seems brilliant for the briefest of secrets, but is it the same when it’s given life? Would you watch it or not -No.

Caryn:  Overall thoughts – This seems hilarious, the absurdity of it. I’m excited to see how it will work, and transllate to the audience. Would you watch it or not – Yes, I would Will this show be a priority for you – Not right away, perhaps after a couple of episodes

Chloe: Overall thoughts – I like the mix of animation and live action, but otherwise not into this trailer. Not really feeling the humor. Would you watch it or not – Ain’t nobody got time for that. Will this show be a priority for you – N/A

Erin: Stupid.


  • Chloe – Prison Break
  • Caryn – Making History and Star. 
  • Lizzie – Pitch
  • Alyssa – Pitch
  • Erin – Pitch

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