Fangirlish Writers React To ABC’s Freshman Show Trailers

Yesterday we took on the Fox trailers, but today we’re discussing the trailers for ABC. We’re torn down the middle on a lot of these shows, but who knows what could happen.

Conviction (Mondays, 10pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – The trailer doesn’t look THAT great, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Mostly because it’s Hayley Atwell, but also because, I love unique legal dramas, and this could be one of those shows that just needs to fin it’s legs. Either way, I’m giving it a chance. We’ll see if it can hook me. Would you watch it or not – Yes, I’m watching. Will this show be a priority for you – Mid-level. Not something I can’t miss, but not something I’d drop either, not unless it got really bad.

Alyssa: Hayley Atwell alone is enough to make this show a must-see for me. I have to admit this is an intriguing take on the criminal justice system complete with a vibrant lead (Atwell). This is definitely a show that has me intrigued, and if the pilot is as good as it looks then it’ll definitely be a priority for me.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Looks like the same old procedural drama with a twist, Hayley’s character is a train wreck. Oh wait. Is that new? While it’ll take some time to get used to her accent, I’ll give it a chance for her because the storyline hasn’t sold me at. Would you watch it or not – Yes, for Hayley. Will this show be a priority for you – Not really. I’ll catch up on the weekends if I have time.


Caryn:  Overall thoughts – I was skeptical about Conviction just from the synopsis but the trailer sold me. In just those few minutes I immediately couldn’t wait to watch it so I could find out what happened next. Would you watch it or not – Yes, 100% Will this show be a priority for you – Yes, although I will always make Hayley Atwell a priority.

Chloe: I’m here for anything and everything Hayley Atwell. And did I spy Emily Kinney? The plot isn’t totally clear to me from the trailer, but based on the cast alone, I’m intrigued. I’ll definitely give it a shot – I have a lot of faith in Hayley Atwell – but I feel like this would be a DVR and catch up on the weekends.

Notorious (Thursdays, 9/8c)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – I have other, much better things to watch on Thursdays at 9, and I saw nothing on the trailer that would make me change my mind. This doesn’t look all that fun, the chemistry isn’t apparent in the trailer, and, more importantly, I just don’t care. Would you watch it or not – Nope. I already forgot about it. Not watching for sure.

Alyssa: The concept is definitely fresh and intriguing as it appears to weave together the worlds of media and law. Not to mention anything with Piper Perabo immediately has my attention. But this trailer didn’t really do anything for me that makes it something that should be a priority for me.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Excited that there’s a female lead working with her best friend to destroy people and get the best ratings. The tough girl/doing what it takes attitude makes me think of Unreal. And god do I love that show! Would you watch it or not – Sure, I’d give it a chance. Just for the chemistry between the two best friends. Will this show be a priority for you – Not really. I’ll catch up on the weekends though.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – It seems fast-paced, sexy, edgy and a great new drama. The trailer was extremely intriguing. Would you watch it or not – Yes, the chemistry between Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata already has me wanting to see if they’ll ever go there. Will this show be a priority for you – Yes, it would be.

Chloe: Umm… What is this even about? The trailer doesn’t make sense to me, and the voiceover is like an outdated movie trailer. Not feeling it.

Designated Survivor

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – This one’s speaking to me. Not only is this the best trailer of all ABC shows, it seems to have the best premise. I tend to like legal/political dramas, so this is right up my alley. Also, Kiefer Sutherland is one of those actors you expect the best from. Count me in. Would you watch it or not – Sign me up. I’m in. Will this show be a priority for you – Other than Once Upon A Time, this looks like my favorite ABC show.

Alyssa: This has all the makings of a breakout hit for ABC and this upcoming television season. The premise is compelling and this two and a half minute trailer has my heart racing. I need this show. Definitely one of my top priorities as far as new television shows are concerned. This is going to be brilliant.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – I absolutely love it! It’s a concept I’m not familiar with, but want to know more about. DESPERATELY! Plus Jack Bauer? Where do I sign up? Would you watch it or not- Is “hell yeah” an acceptable answer? Will this show be a priority for you – If it doesn’t conflict with any other shows, then hell yes!

Caryn: Overall thoughts – It is interesting concept, someone thrust into such a high level position of leadership under such duress. It also looks extremely well-made. Would you watch it or not – I think I will wait to hear the reviews a couple episodes in before I try it. Will this show be a priority for you – No, maybe after a couple of episodes.

Chloe: Intense! Though this wouldn’t normally be my type of show, I enjoyed the trailer and think I’ll give it a shot. That said, this is another case where I’m just not sure how much longevity the concept has. Sure, the guy will become president and have to deal with it – but if the show goes into another season, it’s just another political drama like any other.

Time After Time (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – This looks batshit insane. I kind of want to watch it. I mean, I don’t know that it could work in the long run – but it feels like one those shows that you don’t have to take too seriously.  Would you watch it or not – At least the first episode, yes. Will this show be a priority for you – No, but I’m still going to check it out.

Alyssa: Holy when did Jack the Ripper get so hot? This trailer did everything a trailer should do. It grabbed my attention, added some time travel and history, and threw two hot men at me. You could say this has my attention. I’m very curious about this show, and it’s something I’ll definitely make time to watch.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Good lord, another time travel show? But with men with beards? And H.G. Wells? Sign me up. It’s the right kind of weird with British men causing trouble. It’s like thy know me. Would you watch it or not – Yes I will be on the lookout! Will this show be a priority for you – If it doesn’t conflict with anything then yes.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – Cormac McLaggen and an incredibly hot serial killer travelling through time, no matter how implausible this show might be it looks extremely attractive. Would you watch it or not – Yes, I would, give me all the supernatural stories with hot British guys. Will this show be a priority for you – Yes

Chloe: Is time travel going to be one of the big trends this year? So far we’re two for two on these roundups. That said, I wasn’t expecting the Jack the Ripper or H.G. Wells twists. Between my love of England and the very handsome English lead, this one has my attention. Definitely going to give this one a shot.

Still Star-Crossed (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – The idea sounds interesting, but the trailer doesn’t do it for me. Romeo and Juliet are one of those things that I found romantic at 12 that I just don’t anymore. Their families? Meh. Also, Shonda Rhimes likes to break my heart. It would just be more of the same. Would you watch it or not – Probably not.

Alyssa: Well, this trailer certainly has one thing going for it: it’s not another retelling of Romeo and Juliet. This extension and reimagining of another star-crossed romance definitely is enough to pique my interest. Not to mention this comes from the queen of ABC herself, Shonda Rhimes. I’ll give it a try.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Looks like a show that would make me ugly cry. But do I trust Shonda enough to take me through a sweeping romance full of new actors I’ve never seen before? Only time will tell! Would you watch it or not – Yes, when it comes out on DVD. Will this show be a priority for you –  Not really. It’s a catch up during the summer kind of show.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – I’m not the biggest Romeo and Juliet fan, but even more I’m not a big fan of the change up of the story. The trailer looked beautiful and heartbreaking though, and I am curious as to how this story will pan out. Would you watch it or not – At the moment, I’m saying no. Maybe if it gets another season. Will this show be a priority for you – No 

Chloe: Hmmm. I’m feeling sort of split on this one. The concept of a Shakespeare spin-off is interesting – though it has the potential to get messy. This seems like an odd direction for producers of the big TGIT shows, but their involvement has to count for something. I may give this one a try, but I think it’s going to be DVR material until I decide if it’s good or not.

Downward Dog (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – What is even? This looks like that old movie where the babies could speak but the adults didn’t know. There was even a sequel, with dogs. No one could understand them. I didn’t like those movies. Would you watch it or not – Nope.

Alyssa: Okay, so while people might judge me for this, I’m actually really excited for this show. Like the concept appears to be ridiculous, but at the same time I think it has the potential to be a solid comedy. Sometimes it’s good to not take things so seriously and just have fun with a show like this that can blend comedy and heart. Not to mention I’m a sucker for dogs, especially a charismatic one like this. I will definitely be watching.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – This show is deeper than expected. I’m kind of embarrassed how much this is giving me the feels. Also the hatred for cats is spot on. I think this dog and I are soulmates. Would you watch it or not – Yes. When I need to decompress this is the show for me.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – It seems cute and quirky, a great pet story. Would you watch it or not – Nope, probably not, I’m not all that interested in animalesque shows.

Chloe: Is this like Dog with a Blog for grownups? The dog was getting pretty whiny, but then it took a more heartwarming turn. Still, this trailer didn’t really do it for me – not very funny, and not enough to make me want to watch.

American Housewife (Tuesdays, 8:30pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – I didn’t laugh during the trailer, not once. It’s like they took a list of clichés and tried to make a show that would just take on all of them. Guess what? It doesn’t work. Would you watch it or not – No way.

Alyssa: This definitely has the makings of a solid comedy with heart, as ABC is famous for. The premise is simplistic yet appealing, and it has this nice undertone of being comfortable in your own skin and being happy with who you are. It’s definitely something I’d be interested in watching.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – It looks like a Hallmark mid-day special that you catch while flipping through channels. Easily forgettable with a laugh track pre-recorded for sure. Would you watch it or not – No.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – It’s seems like a cool, family, fish out of water sitcom. Would you watch it or not – No, I wouldn’t.

Chloe: There were parts of the trailer that I liked, but I’m not into the overall direction of this show. I think I’ll wait to check out early reviews – if it’s less of the “fat housewife” direction the trailer makes it out to be, there might be something here. Otherwise, no thanks.

Speechless (Wednesdays, 8:30pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Again, another trailer that was supposed to make me laugh and just …didn’t. I actually wanted to like this one, but nope ….not happening. Getting through the trailer was bad enough, not even gonna pretend I’m going to make it through an episode. Would you watch it or not – No.

Alyssa: ABC really has a solid crop of comedies this year keeping with the tradition of laughs and heart. Minnie Driver already has won me over in this trailer alone with her portrayal of a protective mother who isn’t entirely perfect but only has the best interests for her family at heart. But it also has a unique sense of humor that makes this a show I definitely want to give a try.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Surprisingly deeper than expected. I like that she’s trying to give one of her children the best life possible and inadvertently neglecting the others. Shows like this end up having emotional breakthroughs that pull at the heartstrings and leave you wanting more of the family drama. Would you watch it or not – Yes. Will this show be a priority for you – If it doesn’t conflict with anything else, then yes.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – Another show that I didn’t expect to enjoy based on the synopsis, but the trailer has me intrigued. Minnie Driver is excellent as usual, and the entire concept is more interesting than offensive.  Would you watch it or not – Yes, I would! Will this show be a priority for you – Yes

Chloe: Yes! This one looks like it has some real potential. I wasn’t sure at first, but by the end of the trailer, I was pretty much sold. The family is funny, the concept is unique, and the story seems like an emotional rollercoaster waiting to happen. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

Imaginary Mary (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Half of me hates it, half of me likes family comedies that are all about making your own family and learning to love someone who’s not blood related. Still, this is a little out of my comfort zone. Would you watch it or not – Probably not.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Seems like an unnecessary mash up of kids film goodness with weird adult humour. Not sold on the “family” issues she’s having. Would you watch it or not – No.

Caryn: Overall thoughts – The whole imaginary friend concept I found a little annoying in the trailer, but the story between Alice and her boyfriend and kids was kind of cute. Would you watch it or not – I will keep it on the backburner, perhaps later in the season.

Chloe: I’m kind of surprised this hasn’t been a thing before now. I thought it was going to be a hard no, but I think it’s more of a maybe. Will be checking out reviews and reserving final judgment for now.


Chloe: Speechless

Lyra: Designated Survivor

Lizzie: Designated Survivor

Caryn: Conviction

Alyssa: Conviction


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