Fangirlish Writers Give Initial Thoughts On Some of NBC’s Freshman Shows

NBC has released trailers for its new fall shows, including time travel drama Timeless, comedy The Good Place, and drama This Is Us.  We’ve been sounding off our all the trailers and here’s what we think of the upcoming lineup.

NBC also unveiled its fall schedule, which you can view here.

The Good Place (Thursdays, 8:30pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – It looks okay, though I’m not sure how they could sustain it in the long run. Either she leaves or she doesn’t, right? And I love me some Kristen Bell, but ….yeah, I’m not totally sold on this yet. I don’t hate it, though.  Would you watch it or not – Maybe? If there was nothing else on.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Fun with a hint of raunchy. It takes a concept that we’re all familiar and turns it on it’s head. What if it isn’t perfect? What if it makes a mistake? And how is she going to change the way that people get sent to heaven or hell. Damn you Kristin for making something that I would absolutely watch. Would you watch it or not – Absolutely. Will this show be a priority for you if you will watch it – If it doesn’t clash with my other shows, then yes.

Caryn: I am a big fan of comedies, especially original ideas, and this concept is intriguing – it’s a new idea, with an excellent cast (Kristen Bell and Ted Danson) and from the makers of some of the best modern day comedies (Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine). I’m willing to give this a shot!

Chloe: With the cast and creators behind this show, it should be a sure thing, but I’m not totally sold based on the trailer. Where does it go from here? I think this has enough going for it for me to give it a shot, but it won’t be a priority for me.

I love Kristen Bell. I make time to stop when her Samsung commercials are on. I’ll try the pilot – but then make a decision from there.

This Is Us (Tuesdays, 8pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Good trailer. I have no idea how this is going to work in a TV setting, since it looks more like a movie trailer, one of those with like a gazillion stories where some people get happy endings and others just learn lessons, or something. But I’m still gonna give it a try. Would you watch it or not – Yes. Will this show be a priority for you – Middle of the list.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Looks like a tear jerker drama that will break my heart week by week. I’m not sure how much I can handle of this. However, I’m really excited to see Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia on my tv screen again. They’re fantastic actors who deserve more TV loving! Would you watch it or not – Maybe. Not when it airs but during the summer. Will this show be a priority for you – Not a priority.

Caryn: The trailer already made me tear up, I enjoy anthology stories and I’m curious as to how they will sustain the story, if the different stories will interact likeManhattan Transfer or if they will exist singularly. This is fresh and original, and how many times haven’t you wondered about what the other babies who were born on the same day as you are up to? Also a bearded Milo Ventimiglia is always a plus. I will be watching this in the fall.

Chloe: Yes! This is one of the best pilot trailers I’ve watched so far. Beautifully done, and sets up so many characters that all seem interesting. Will definitely be checking this one out. 

I am sucker for painful dramas – and this one looks like it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to watch the show – I am all about it. It will be a priority for me and I am praying that they don’t let me down.

Timeless (Mondays, 10pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Not bad, not great. Time travel stories either really, really work or they really, really don’t. I’d be willing to give the Pilot a chance, but if it doesn’t hook me right then and there, that’s it. Would you watch it or not – At least one episode.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Boring time drama with a specialisation in historical events that matter and that you should know about to understand what’s going on. Only positive is that it’s got a mystery wrapped around a female lead. Just for that I would watch it.

Caryn: Yet another time travel show. While the concept seems interesting, dramas about time travel always makes me wary because it is such a difficult concept to pull off. I think I will wait until it’s a couple of episodes in before checking out this one.

Chloe: Another time travel show! Definitely a trend this season. Again, not totally sold at this point, but there are things I like about this trailer – like the lady lead and the fact that some time travelers knowing more than others. I’ll watch if I have time.

The only time travel I do is Outlander.

Which of NBC’s new fall shows are you most excited for?

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  1. I’d watch “This is us” based on the trailer but I’m not sure how it’s going to work as a series. It feels like it’d get draggy after a while.

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