The Flash: Tom Cavanagh Confirmed as Series Regular for Season 3

While Harrison “Harry” Wells might’ve returned to his home of Earth-2 with daughter Jesse at the end of season two, we haven’t seen the last of Wells on The Flash.
EW has confirmed that Tom Cavanagh, who has played each version of Wells, will indeed be a series regular for season three.
Given how The Flash‘s sophomore season ended — with Barry Allen basically changing the timeline as we know it — this could provide Cavanagh with the chance to play the actual Harrison Wells of Earth-1; the one that was killed by Eobard Thawne when he assumed his identity.
This would mark the third version of Harrison Wells portrayed by Cavanagh — the first being Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells in season one, and the second being Harry Wells of Earth-2, who turned out to be a friend rather than a foe.
Will we see Cavanagh play the actual Harrison Wells in season three? Or will he reprise his role as one of the latter? Guess we’ll have to wait until season three gets closer to find out!
The Flash returns this October on The CW.

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