5 Reasons Why We’re Really Missing ‘The Royals’

tumblr_o14s3ulkA71usso70o5_r1_500We’re missing Jaspenor like no other.

It’s not that we’re a fan of some serious fucked up relationships and we know that Jasper and Eleanor’s relationship has had all sorts of issues. He’s never been truthful about who he is, but that was part of the allure of Jasper. We were brought in by his smoldering good looks and his mystique. But if there is one thing that we learned last season – he’s truly fallen for Eleanor. He wants to make sure that she’s taken care of.

The will they, won’t they – it’s always there. Yes, we know that they have had already slept together – so we’re not waiting for that. But we are waiting for them to full on makeup. We were left last season with the impression that they were going to be together. We welcomed it. But we need to see it.

There are very few ships that we ship as hard as this one and we’re in need of more. If Eleanor can forgive him – we’re not here to judge. We’re here to support.

Hell, we’d forgive him too.


We’re needing to know if Ophelia comes back to London.

We don’t know what to say about what happened to Ophelia’s Dad. We think that he’s gone bat shit crazy and that’s why he’s done the things that he has. Actually we’re pretty positive that’s why. It’s not that we’ve forgiven or forgotten that – but we’re thinking of Ophelia.

She’s gotta be falling apart. We know that Liam loves her and we know that he’s got a big heart. So he’s probably going to feel really guilty for whatever she feels.

But we need to see her back. We need some sort of closure. We haven’t gotten it.

tumblr_nz02o990cN1rwdvuco2_500The Queen.

If you thought you had Mommy issues – you’ve got nothing on Eleanor and Liam. They’ve got all sorts of Mommy troubles and that’s because their Mom is a first class bitch. She’s let power go to her head and inflate it to the size of a
continent. But underneath her serious issues – it’s a woman who just wants to be loved.

But we’re hoping that she’ll end the paternity scandal this season. Tell us who the twins father is – once and for all. Don’t leave us hanging.

We’re hoping that she’s a better mother this season. We’re hoping that she learns to put her children first. We’re hoping that she just allows herself to feel and put her kids before her over botoxed ass.


Cyrus. Who doesn’t miss the shit out of that crazy fuck?

Now as much as you want to feel bad for Cyrus, that man gets himself into his own amount of trouble. He’s bitter. He’s got emotional issues. He’s always up to something.

But we’re excited for whatever that is.

The thing is that it’s always some sort of drama. It’s always over the top drama. And we’re looking forward to with Robert being alive – Cyrus being removed from the throne. Not sure what the rules are for that one, but we’re looking forward to seeing it all go down.

tumblr_o151zn2GUS1uwz302o1_r1_500WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH ROBERT?

OMG knowing that Robert is alive made our mouths drop. We were on the edge of our seat.

Now we love Liam and Eleanor, but we’re looking forward to their brother adding something to the mix. When we saw him – he was on a beach – looking like he was just waking up. We’re hoping that was just a flashback and he’s not been on the beach for months and spending too much in the water.

We’ve got so many questions. Where has he been? What is everyone going to think when he returns? What will it do to everyone?


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