unREAL Star Constance Zimmer: “Quinn cannot be filtered.”

Courtesy: Lifetime

We’re obsessed with unREAL. It’s an amazing TV show, captivating us at every turn. Constance Zimmer plays Quinn on the show and part of what we love about her is that she is absolutely fearless.

The actress spoke with the New York Times and here’s what we learned.

On all the dirty words: “The standards-and-practices lady at Lifetime told me, ‘I’m trying to approve as many of your dirty words as I can get away with. And I was like, thank you, because Quinn cannot be filtered.”

On sacrificing for personal success: “If you put her in a room alone with a drink, there’s going to be tears. I would just hope it shows strong women that it’s O.K. to be strong.”

On Quinn: “She’s a woman who is flawed and has struggles and is insecure but is at the same time confident and independent, and it’s incredible that this is what I get to play at this time in my life. There’s so much more about her that we have yet to learn.”

Read the entire interview here.

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