Britt Robertson to be a Girl Boss

We’re going to get to see Britt Robertson in a TV show. Well Netflix, but that’s okay. Britt will be a girl boss. That’s right – Britt has scored the lead in Netflix’s 13 episode adaptation of #GirlBoss by Nasty Gal fashionista Sophia Amoruso.

Looks like we’re going to need to pick up that book. Why? Cause it’s Britt and it’s Netflix – and to be honest we have more faith in Netflix’s ability to do an adaptation than anyone else’s.

Britt’s characters is described as, “a rebellious, broke anarchist who… stumbles upon her passion of selling vintage clothes online and becomes an unlikely businesswoman. As she builds her retail empire, she realizes the… difficulty of being the boss of her own life.”

How long do we have to wait to see Britt as a girl boss? Well that would be 2017.

All good things seem to be happening in 2017.

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