Hamilton Will Be Filmed With Original Cast

There’s nothing hotter in pop culture or on Broadway right now than Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. The musical is based on the rise of former treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton from immigrant to history-maker set to a hip hop beat blended with rap and lyrics that are inimitable.

But with Hamilton‘s popularity it’s virtually impossible to score a ticket to the room where it happens. Tickets are sold out through into next year and resale tickets begin at over $1000. Even premium seats for the show have been upped to $850, which set a new record for Broadway.

Basically, Hamilton is bigger than all of us.

When speaking to USA Today, Miranda confirmed that his final show will be July 9. While avid fans who have yet to see the show mourn the fact that they’ll never get to see the show with its original cast, it sounds like there is hope after all.

USA Today reports that “the production will film two performances with the original cast this month before they start exiting, as well as shooting offstage cameos.” Lin-Manuel Miranda later confirmed the news.

There’s no news as to when or where the filmed version will be broadcast. But Vanity Fair has some guesses, including a potential fall debut.

It might appear alongside the PBS documentary—Hamilton’s America—that’s slated to debut this fall. PBS’s Great Performances series has a proud tradition of airing beloved Broadway productions like Bernadette Peters in Into the Woods, Raul Esparza in Company, or Angela Lansbury in Driving Miss Daisy. It’s equally possible that this filmed Hamilton will be folded into the increasingly popular National Theatre Live! series that recently added American productions like James Franco’s Of Mice and Men to its all-British slate. In other words, Miranda et al. could soon be coming to a theater near you.

Granted that’s only speculation at this point. But the fact that Hamilton is being filmed is a good sign indicating that it might be coming to a theater near us soon. Eventually.

Regardless we’ll be ready. Until then, I guess we’ll have to wait for it.

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