Kate Walsh and Brian D’Arcy Cast in 13 Reasons Why

We’ve been looking forward to the Netflix adaptation of 13 Reasons Why. If you don’t know, it’s the adaptation of Jay Asher’s book. Earlier we told you about some casting, and now we’re telling you about more. Gosh, we love casting because it’s one of those things that makes us smile.

Why? Because we get to see the characters we love come to life.

Brian D’Arcy has been added to the cast as Hannah’s Dad. It’s a perfect casting – as Kate Walsh has been cast as her Mom.

The 13 episode series, centers centers on a box of audiotapes Hannah sent to her classmates, informing them of the roles they played in her death. To deal with the death of his daughter, Hannah’s father focuses on his work.

We’re excited for the 13 episode series, which Selena Gomez will produce and will air on Netflix. Are you?

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