The Royals Casts Prince Robert

13422198_878105422312336_8370135425033558323_oWell, we want to remain loyal to our crush on William Moseley, but we’re not sure that’s possible with this casting. We’ve had to pick up our jaw off the floor cause Max Brown, you now have our heart.

British actor Max Brown has been cast as the eldest son of Queen Helena and King Simon (May he rest in peace). We thought that Robert died – we’ve thought that since the first season. Turns out he didn’t – though that was the big cliffhanger of last season.

The show ended with us seeing his flight helmet and him laying face down on a beach. But, his fingers were moving. Don’t know about you, but we literally stood up and screamed. Finally, someone to take Cyrus off the throne. (Though we aren’t sure how English law works).

Brown as appeared in You, Me and the Apocalypse, Agent Carter, Sleepy Hollow and The Tudors.

Gonna need The Royals to return ASAP.

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