The Walking Dead Filmed 11 Death Scenes?!

You know things have gotten out of hand when The Walking Dead decides to fill not one, but eleven death scenes to keep Negan’s victim secret.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the show-runners have chosen to record a death scene for every person kneeling before Negan. With the threat of lurking fans stalking the sets, and drones available for easy purchase, they really didn’t have any other choice. High walls and disguises only get you so far.

As production gets moving, they’ll decide who will bite the bullet and meet a deadly end by Lucille. This kind of move redefines the lengths a hit show will go to keep their secrets. They love, care, and want to make us squirm for months so damn much, that they’re willing to do anything!

Be kind, lurkers with drones hovering around The Walking Dead sets. Let the show keep it’s secrets. Instead let’s use all that knowledge and determination to build a time machine to the Season 7 premiere. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns to AMC October 2016.


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