What They’re Reading: Rachel Goldberg from UnREAL

Here at Fangirlish, we love a little bit of everything. We love our TV and movies, but we also love our books. We read a lot, and we think our favorite characters do too. And that’s why we’re taking the time to profile the characters that make us laugh, cry and gasp by pairing them with the books that have us in a puddle of feels. The best of both worlds.

Rachel Goldberg is a smart woman. She has a lot of opinions. She knows a lot of stuff, and though some of that is good old experience, you know she reads. And she probably has a very diverse library, too. After all, a woman like her has to do some work research, and you always need a little something for the soul, and a little something that’s just, well …you.

So, here are my best guesses as to what Rachel Goldberg would be reading:

  1. Men Explain Things to Me, Rebeca Solnit. Because Rachel would have at least one unapologetically feminist book. And Solnit’s book is not just that, it’s a collection of things that touch upon the day-to-day female experience in a way that’s both heartbreaking and easy to relate. We’ve all been there. We all get it.
  2. Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi. Because sometimes you feel like you’ll shatter if you take one more step, if you say one more word, if you think one more thought, if you love one more person, and when you do, it’s always easier to read about others who feel the same than face your own issues.
  3. Why Women Should Rule the World, Dee Dee Myers. This is more a political book than a feminist treaty, and Rachel’s smart enough to know that, but she’s also smart enough to take the advice that can actually be applied to her situation and take advantage of it. After all, Rachel thinks she should rule the world – or at least, Everlasting.
  4. Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn. Amy Dunne is probably a hero to a woman like Rachel. She had a plan, it backfired, she adjusted and oh, yes – she won. The suspense is also a good draw, but it’s mostly about Amy. And okay, a little about Nick’s dysfunctional response to everything. It can almost be counted as research!
  5. Devil’s Bride, Stephanie Laurens. We all need a good romance in our life, and Rachel sees enough fake one at work to want to lose herself in some good old fashioned love. And she’d probably pick the strong male characters, and, of course, the even stronger female ones that end up being the ones who really drive the story. And, for that matter, wouldn’t you?

Agree? Disagree? Have any other books you think our resident puppet-master would be reading? Join us on Goodreads as we discuss this exact thing. And, of course, check out our profile and be sure to let us know what character you want to see profiled next!

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