See The Latest Trailer to Celebrate the Release of Allegiant

Everyone has an opinion about the Divergent series – but we have to say that we loved the series. Yes, that even means Allegiant – which is why we are happy that it is available on Digital HD now.

Sure, we’re going to want to bring the Blu-Ray home, but for now we’re going to get to revisit Tris, Four, and Chicago from the comfort of our own home. To celebrate we’re taking part in revealing the new trailer for the release.

SYNOPSIS: In this exciting penultimate film in The Divergent Series, Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) lead a team of rebels in a daring escape over the city wall—into a strange new world where they face a threat more dangerous than they ever imagined. Together, Tris and Four wage a furious battle for survival, fighting not only for their factions and loved ones, but for the future of an entire city in this dynamic, action-packed adventure.

Allegiant will also be available on Blu-Ray, July 12th.

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