Supergirl: 5 Questions We Wanted Answered at SDCC

As the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con reaches the one-month mark, we can practically feel the fall television season get closer within our reach. Which means that Supergirl’s hyped transition from CBS to The CW is nearly here. Well, not soon enough.

Following Supergirl’s thrilling freshman campaign, the Melissa Benoist-led drama will fly over to The CW for its sophomore run following a huge cliffhanger teasing the arrival of a new Kryptonian, as well as the introduction of Superman – an introduction where we can actually see his face! As if the wait until October 10 wasn’t long enough.

Here are five – of many – questions we want answered at San Diego Comic Con:

1. Who is in the alien pod?

Who could forget that cliffhanger that teased the arrival of another Kryptonian to National City in Supergirl’s season finale? If there was any wondering where the show’s sophomore season is headed I think it’s safe to assume that it’s going to involve whoever is in that pod.

But the real question rests not only in who is in that pod but whether they’re friend or foe. Given the defeat of Non in the first season, assuming that the person in that pod is evil seems to be the obvious choice. If no one on Earth had stood up to Non before than where is our big bad coming from in season two? But then again there’s a likelihood that the person inside the pod could be a new ally. Perhaps Superboy? Speculation is all we have at this point. So we’re expecting some answers come Comic-Con.

2. What role is Superman going to play in season 2?

With the much-anticipated arrival of Kara’s famous cousin to the show’s second season, we have many questions about the Man of Steel. But we want to know how he’s going to factor into season 2? While Tyler Hoechlin isn’t slated to appear as a series regular (it’s at two episodes right now) there’s still a reason that the show’s producers have elected to introduce arguably the most famous superhero ever created. While we never saw his face in the first season, he was present here and there as he existed in the background. Perhaps that was to let Kara shine seeing as it is her show.

But this idea that Superman stopping by makes this all about him is ridiculous. Clark is Kara’s cousin; he’s a part of her life; this show is about Kara’s life so of course it makes sense to introduce her only-living blood relative and her mentor. Perhaps we’ll see Clark mentoring Kara when season two begins. Or perhaps Supes’ introduction has more to do with that mystery arrival in the alien pod.

3. Is Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) returning?

It’s remained awfully quiet on the Calista Flockhart front since Supergirl made the switch from CBS to The CW, as well as Los Angeles to Vancouver. And perhaps the lingering, burning question surrounding this series is whether Cat Grant will be returning in Supergirl’s second season. The silence so far has been less than reassuring, but with a character that’s so essential and strong as Cat it’s nearly impossible to imagine saying goodbye to her character just when we treated to her potential. But this isn’t about Cat’s storyline; it’s about Flockhart’s willingness to relocate to Vancouver.

In Supergirl’s first season, Cat Grant became a symbol of strength and hope for women as she defied expectations and showed us that heroes can exist at the top of a multimedia conglomerate. Her character was so complex, and we learned so much about what shaped her and defined her in her life. She’s become a vital component in what made Supergirl the well-rounded show it is. Losing her would be a huge loss for this show. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

4. What happened to Kara and Alex’s father?

A storyline that was teased at the end of the first season was the reveal that Kara and Alex’s father, Jeremiah, wasn’t dead like they’d believed for many years. It turns out that he had survived and has been held by a group called Cadmus. It was a huge reveal for the series, but there wasn’t enough time to act on it in the first season. Of course the focus shifts to whether or not Jeremiah is still alive? Given the show’s insistence to pursue this storyline we’d have to assume yes.

But it’s not so much as if Jeremiah is alive more than what is Cadmus doing with him? If the comics are any indication, the group centers around experimenting on extraterrestrial threats and cloning heroes and villains. What does Cadmus want with Jeremiah Danvers? Is there something else that happened that we don’t know about? Have they cloned Jeremiah? Or has Jeremiah joined their group in executing the experimentation? So many questions that will hopefully be answered and give us an amazing, emotional storyline.

5. How will Supergirl blend with the Arrowverse?

Considering the showrunners made it clear last year that Supergirl existed on a separate Earth from Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, it should be interesting to see how they attempt to merge these two worlds as Supergirl flies over to The CW and the Arrowverse. It doesn’t really seem like a question of if Supergirl will become a part of that world but how. But we have no doubt that this four-part, four-show crossover event this fall – the biggest yet – will play a significant role in that.

We can’t help but wonder if this is a storyline being saved for the crossover rather than it being a focus on Supergirl? It doesn’t seem like this would be a major concern. National City – regardless of what Earth it exists on – is still National City. These people don’t know and aren’t concerned with the fact that it’s not at present in the same world as Arrow, Flash and Legends. But when it comes time for Supergirl to make its way into the Arrowverse you can bet we’ll be waiting with open arms.

Supergirl season two premieres Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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