The Flash: Violett Beane to Return for Season 3

When The Flash speeds back into our lives come October, one familiar face that fans can expect to see is Violett Beane.

Beane confirmed with TVLine that she will be returning for The Flash‘s third season as Earth-2 Harrison Wells’ daughter Jesse. But how will she be returning?

In the show’s season finale, Harry and Jesse went back to Earth-2 right before Barry ran back in time to save his mother essentially altering everything that has happened in the history of this show and years prior.

“I know I’ll be back,” Beane told TVLine. “But I don’t know if it’s with or without powers.”

Last season, Barry attempted to recreate the particle accelerator explosion and in doing so created a wave of speed force that swept through Jesse and Wally West in S.T.A.R. Labs. Instantly it got fans speculating that the show was moving forward with both characters’ speedster destinies.

“When Jesse got hit, I was like ‘It’s happening! It’s happening!’” Beane said. “There was the spark when she got out of the coma, but… it didn’t happen, and I was like, ‘No!’ I’m very excited [to play a speedster], and would love for it to happen early next season.”

With The Flash delving into Flashpoint this season, the extent to which Beane will return remains to be seen. But there are certainly several possibilities. All of which Beane has considered.

“With the whole Flashpoint, anything can happen, right?” she said. “It’s literally open to any different kind of false reality. She could be Earth-One Jesse, she could be a speedster…. Who knows!”

The Flash returns Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c on The CW.


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