The Walking Dead: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

At this point SDCC Hall H would be incomplete without a panel for The Walking Dead. The cast, showrunners, and their host Chris Hardwick, have become a staple of the con experience. This year they’re set to return to the Hall H stage for a panel to discuss the poignant, action filled, sixth season of the AMC hit series.

We couldn’t help making a list of the things we wanted to hear about!


1. Who did Negan kill?

An obvious question with an even more obvious answer. No one knows who Negan killed. And the showrunners have decided to guarantee that even the stars won’t be able to drop hits on purpose or accidentally by having them all film a death scene. (Thank you fans who are using drones to sneak around the set.) Doesn’t mean that we can’t stop hoping, wishing, and praying that someone gives us a clue. We’ve done our waiting!


2. What was it like filming a death scene for 11 people?

Watching our favorites kneel before a man contemplating who he was going to kill, was a special kind of torture, only heightened by the fact that every single person was acting their ass off! Now imagine being Andrew Lincoln and filming your own death right after watching all your friends do so as well? It’s the ultimate test for an actor to hyperventilate, cry, and have sweat like crazy for hours on end. And honestly I want to know how that changed them? How it changed this shows capacity to keep secrets from viewers? I want to know all!


3. How long will it take for Carol and Morgan to return to Alexandria?

Last we left off Carol was ready for death, Morgan saved her, and these mysterious strangers offered to help with Carol’s wounds. They’re safe from Negan (for now) and separated from their family. So how long are we going to have to wait Carol runs back into Daryl’s arms? A whole season? Until Carol gets better or Morgan convinces her that this world is worth living and that her life is as valuable as any other?

4. Are the Whisperers coming?

The Walking Dead has had a long line of terrifying villains. And believe it or not there might be creepier ones to come. The world is expanding for our survivors. They’ve met Jesus, the Hilltop gang, and Negan. So what’s next? Is it the Whisperers, survivors who wear the flesh of walkers to blend in among them? And if so, do we need to prepare ourselves for Greg Nicotero to gross us out with his skills? The answer is yes for this last one.


5. What’s the next step for Richonne?

Love it or hate it, Rick and Michonne are a powerhouse team that’s going to survive this all. (Hopefully.) We want to know what comes next after being captured by Negan? Will they agree on the methods needed to stop the man that has destroyed their world once more by killing a family member? Or will they become stronger and surpass cliched storylines by standing for each other and with each other? Basically, we want more Richonne and we need the details now!


The Walking Dead returns October 2016 on AMC.

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