Oh The Royals Just Keeps On With The Superb Casting


Oh The Royals’, you are making me thirst for Season 3 more than ever. Until now, I’ve only had to worry about Liam and Jasper – but then you added Prince Robert. And now you are upping your game once again.

The Queen has finally replaced Lucius. Jules Knight will recur on The Royals as Spencer Hoenigsberg, the new Lord Chamberlain to the Queen of England.

TV Line was the first to report the news.

His character is described as, “smart, charismatic and cunning, [Spencer] is a professional willing to go the extra mile to make sure his job is a job well done. He has excellent taste and a knack for the details. Despite a bit of a rough start, his future in the palace is certain to be a bright one.”

Sounds like Lucius Junior. This makes us want to see Season 3 more.

We may be Team Spencer by the end of this season.

Featured Photo: Jules Knight Twitter

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