The Flash Season 3: Five Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

As the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con reaches the one-month mark, we can practically feel the fall television season get closer within our reach. That means that The Flash in all of its glory is about to return to us with perhaps its craziest season yet.

Following The Flash’s thrilling sophomore campaign, the Grant Gustin-led drama is setting its sights on even more insanity following a jaw dropping season finale that essentially altered everything as we know it. It’s safe to say our patience is dwindling.

Here are five – of many – questions we want answered at San Diego Comic Con:

1. How will saving Nora Allen affect the timeline?

Obviously the focus heading into The Flash’s third season is how Barry going back in time to save his mother will ultimately affect this show as we know it. With confirmation that The Flash is doing the comic storyline Flashpoint, it’s not a matter of if the timeline will be affected but how. Things are certainly going to look different. In this changed timeline, Barry will have been raised by his mother and father – who will both be alive – which means that Barry will have not been raised by Joe and grow up alongside Iris, which should affect the closeness of both of those relationships. But that’s just one element that will be much different Will Barry remember the changed timeline or will that gradually reveal itself? Will Barry even be The Flash in this new timeline? So many questions. So much speculation. That’s The Flash for you.

2. How long can we expect Flashpoint to last?

Grant Gustin confirmed that Flashpoint is indeed the direction that The Flash is headed in season three, which means that we’re going to be introduced to a very different Flash than we normally know. Given the possibility that Flashpoint could affect not only The Flash but the other DC shows makes me wonder how long this storyline might last? Flashpoint could be just the thing to usher Supergirl into this universe, which might indicate that Flashpoint could be the driving force leading to December’s four-show crossover event. Will Flashpoint be a season-long arc or perhaps a partial season arc? How long can The Flash utilize it?

3. What can we expect from Barry and Iris’ relationship?

Obviously things are going to change following Barry’s decision to alter the timeline, and that certainly includes the relationship between Barry and Iris. There’s two different parts of their relationship we’re curious about in season three, including what becomes of them in this alternate timeline where Barry never grows up with the Wests and then Barry and Iris’ relationship back in the real timeline. Obviously one of the reasons Barry and Iris have been so close in our present timeline is because they grew up together and had developed that trusting foundation that made them the closest of friends.

But something tells me that’s not going to be the case in this other timeline. Perhaps we’ll see a more gradual build towards their relationship as there’s an undeniable pull towards each other. Then – assuming that we go back to the real timeline – Barry and Iris have another obstacle in the form of Barry’s struggles that have made him someone he’s not. He’s admitted that he’s not in the right mindset to be with Iris. So will we get to see Barry working on himself and Iris being that strong support she’s always been? Will we see both Barry and Iris finally get to a place where they can take that next step? Bring on the WestAllen in season three.

4. Will Wally and Jesse become speedsters?

Despite the big cliffhanger at the end of the season that involved a massive shift within The Flash universe, it’s hard to forget how the show seemingly has set up Wally and Jesse embracing their speedster destiny in the future. Now, will that future be season 3? Hard to say, but it was definitely put out there for a reason. With recent news that Violett Beane will be returning in season 3, it appears as if Jesse’s story – whether it’s in this altered timeline or our timeline – might be taking a step closer to becoming her persona of Jesse Quick. Assuming that Keiynan Lonsdale is returning in season three, the possibility that comes with exploring this alternate timeline while teasing certain elements to come to fruition in the timeline we know is definitely enticing.


// The question, though, is where might this occur? Obviously everything is pointing towards this altered timeline where events have changed. For all we know The Flash doesn’t exist but Jesse Quick and/or Kid Flash do. That’s what’s equally exciting and frustrating as we continue to speculate about what lies in store with Flashpoint. But just tell us: will we ever get to see Kid Flash and Jesse Quick?

5. Have we seen the last of Earth-2?

One of the strongest elements of The Flash’s second season was the introduction and execution of Earth-2. The show not only teased it, but they delivered their promise to bring it to us in the most amazing way possible. It also brought us two characters that we love and had to say goodbye to at the end of the season in Harry Wells and Jesse Quick. But with Barry rewriting the timeline and with literally anything possible at this point, will we see more of Earth-2 in season three? With Flashpoint being the focal point the initial assumption is no. But perhaps Earth-2 will present itself every once and awhile allowing us to explore the parallel Earth that delivered good, bad, and all of the dopplegangers one needs to experience in their life,


6. Will this timeline affect other DC shows?

Obviously this is the question on the minds of everyone heading into the fall season as Barry’s decision to save his mother ultimately affects not only The Flash but also certain things on Arrow and DC’s Legends of the Tomorrow at the very least. While it shouldn’t affect these shows too significantly in terms of storyline, it should affect certain things to a degree potentially these characters’ relationship – or non-relationship if you will – with Barry. The only thing that really remains at question here is how will it be affected, and how will that be portrayed?

The Flash season 3 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c on The CW.



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  1. All questions we are all hoping they can answer. Hope FP doesn’t last all season though

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