The One Direction Fandom Takes It Too Far…

Fandom. It’s like this double edge sword. Loving something so much and then at the same point – there is loving it too much.

While celebrities sign up for the fanfare, their significant others, ex’s, kids, and family don’t sign up for the limelight necessarily. They sign up or are born into loving someone, caring about someone, and having their lives still be their lives.

While we have posted pictures of Freddie Tomlinson before, reported other news on One Direction, and the possibility of a showdown in court between Brianna and Louis – we have never been disrespectful to Brianna. Because guess what people – like you – we don’t know shit. We know what is reported, and we comment on it.

We follow Brianna on Instagram, and it’s a disgusting shame that she had to clap back today.

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Let’s be frank… you can love One Direction, you can love their music – but you don’t get a say in their lives. One day when you have children – would you want someone disrespect you or your child? No, you’d go to hell and back for your child. You can have your dreams and your fantasties. It’s all part of life. But having those, loving something, being part of a fandom does not give you the right to be a disgusting and bully another human being.

The reality is – you don’t know shit. You don’t know what is going on in their lives. You see a sliver in the media.

You want to defend Louis? Well, he’s got millions of dollars and some high priced attorney’s to do that. You want to be there for him – support him in the part of his life that he has chosen to make public.

But disrespecting a child and his mother consistently, that’s just tacky and in bad taste. This fandom should be ashamed of itself. Let’s all admit it – none of us know shit about his life. And no matter what is true or what is false, it’s no one’s business.

Louis and Brianna are the only ones who should have a say over their son. And yes, we agree that he should have a say what goes out on social media – because guess what – that’s for the babies protection.

Do we think that it needed to be taken to social media? No. Honestly, not everything in the world needs to go on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… whatever.

Louis has asked for privacy in the matter of his son.

“The persistent and increasing levels of paparazzi and media intrusions into Freddie’s life of late are not only posing potential security issues but are also crucially invading the privacy to which Freddie is undoubtedly entitled as a child,” the statement says. “The levels of paparazzi attention on Freddie are intolerable and completely unjustifiable.”

“Louis appreciates, respects and values his relationship with the media and we hope he and his son are afforded the same respect on this matter,” the statement continued.

Freddie has the right to a private life. Brianna has the right to one. Louis does too. The only thing he signed up for when joining One Direction – when it really comes down to it – is sharing music with us.

Not his son.

Stop being on the wrong side of the fandom sword.

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  1. I get tired of seeing the whole “One Direction Fandom” insulted over this crap. Most of the fandom is as sick of this behavior as you are. This bad behavior is perpetrated by a small number of fans, mainly Louis stans and Larry shippers who are in denial that Louis fathered a child and have gone so far as to claim the baby was a doll/fake, then a rental baby, in addition to cruel jabs at Brianna on social media. Be assured that the vast majority of One Direction fans are happy for Louis and Brianna and their baby.

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