Bella Thorne Books Lead in Break My Heart 1,000 Times

Bella Thorne is one of the hardest working women in Hollywood. While we wait for Famous In Love to make it’s way to TV, we’re following her career closely.

She’s booked the lead in Break My Heart 1,000 Times, the adaptation of Daniel Waters novel. One we admit that we haven’t read.

Here’s the synopsis of the book, “Living in the aftermath of the Event means that seeing the dead is now a part of life, but Veronica wishes that the ghosts would just move on. Instead, the ghosts aren’t disappearing-they’re gaining power.

When Veronica and her friend, Kirk, decide to investigate why, they stumble upon a more sinister plot than they ever could have imagined. One of Veronica’s high school teachers is crippled by the fact that his dead daughter has never returned as a ghost, and he’s haunted by the possibility that she’s waiting to reappear within a fresh body. Veronica seems like the perfect host. And even if he’s wrong, what’s the harm in creating one more ghost?”

This movie will reunite her with Midnight Sun helmer Scott Speer.

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