Suicide Squad: 5 Things We Hope to See at SDCC

As the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con nears the one-week mark, our excitement is so through the roof that mentally we’re already in San Diego right now. One of the films that is taking over Comic-Con this year is none other than Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad, which is probably our most-anticipated comic book movie this year.

Following the debut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the focus shifts to Suicide Squad, where several of the world’s worst criminals are brought together to do ARGUS’s dirty work – you know, the most dangerous work. Because they’re expendable. Hence the Suicide Squad. From the live-action debut of Harley Quinn to Deadshot to Katana to Amanda Waller, this film is so chock full of crazy characters that we doubt we’ll be able to control ourselves.

Here are five things we hope to see from Suicide Squad at San Diego Comic Con:

1. The Suicide Squad Assembled

88540_900While I’d assume it’s a foregone conclusion that the entire Suicide Squad cast will be at Comic-Con, I’m still placing it on my “hopes” list because it’s more like a “need” than anything. With a film that is based upon an eclectic team-up this is an event where you need every major cast member in attendance. From Will Smith to Margot Robbie to Viola Davis, give me all of them and they’re fantastic dynamic.

2. Blow Our Minds With New Footage

Given Suicide Squad’s upcoming August release we’ve seen a fair share of footage from the latest DCCU film. But that doesn’t mean we’ve seen close to enough especially as the film descends upon the ultimate of pop culture conventions. Given the film’s release date a couple weeks after the con, it’d be cool if Warner Bros. showed an extended preview at the film for the fans in Hall H. Give us something we haven’t seen yet. Something that will get Hall H shaking. But with the hype surrounding this movie, nearly anything would do that at this point.

3. Give Us Details on the Harley Quinn, Female Team-Up Film

Long before Suicide Squad has hit theaters, it was revealed that there was a Harley Quinn film in the works with Margot Robbie. The film would be a female hero/villain team-up with Harley at the center surrounded by some badass ladies. Not only did we lose our ever-loving minds with this news, but with Suicide Squad taking center stage at Comic-Con it would be the perfect opportunity to shed more light on the project. What can we expect from this female team-up? Who will be joining Harley? Could we see Batgirl? Perhaps the Birds of Prey? Our minds are already reeling about the possibilities. We’ll literally take anything at this point. Give us something to salivate over.

4. Drop a Tease About a Sequel

With a film as hyped as Suicide Squad and with a plethora of characters to explore, it shouldn’t be surprising that we’re already asking about a sequel. When a film about a gang of criminals that is being exploited as a means to carry out actions that one would deem suicidal nearly out-hypes a film about Superman and Batman then you know you’ve already got a hit on your hands. And when you have a hit on your hands you keep making more. It’s simple math, really. Comic-Con is a time saved for huge announcements, and with the film’s massive presence at the con this would be the perfect timing to talk all things sequel.

5. Give Us a World Premiere at SDCC

Given Star Trek Beyond’s world premiere screening on July 20, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we could see more of that type of thing int eh future. While it might not be as soon as this year it’s something that you can definitely expect to see more of in the future now that Star Trek has taken that leap. With that said how awesome would it be if Warner Bros. held a surprise world premiere of Suicide Squad at a convention where it’s going to be a staple? Not only will the film have a presence inside the convention but it will also be a factor offsite, as well. So this would only add to the hype. Of course an event of this magnitude would’ve probably been announced by now. But we can hold out hope.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.

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