5 Reasons Why Stucky Should be Crowned ‘Ship of the Year’

The Fandom Awards are back, and with them comes the most cut-throat competition of them all: Ship of the Year. And here we are, to break down the nominees and give you reasons why each of them should win the Award.

So forget all other competitors! Stucky is where it’s at!

Here are 5 reasons why Stucky should wear the crown as ‘Ship of the Year’!


1. Because Steve chose Bucky.

Let’s be real for a moment. If you were being accused of doing something you didn’t do, wouldn’t you want someone like Steve to back you? Someone with the smarts and muscles (that go on for days and can stop helicopters) to take down your enemies by your side? Someone who would be willing to turn their back on the rest of the world for you?

The answer is yes.

Steve chose Bucky. Against insurmountable odds and everyone telling him that he was wrong, he stood by his best friends side.

Even in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve chose Bucky first. As soon as his eyes landed on his lost companion he promised himself that he would do everything in his power to get him back. Because that’s what you do for the people you love.


2. Because Bucky remembered even after all this time.

There’s no denying that Bucky has suffered more than others. He’s had his mind ripped to shreds over and over until he couldn’t remember himself. Yet somehow he still remembered Steve.

At first it was just recognition. There was something familiar in those orbs that drew Bucky in and made him question where he was and what was going on, even for a couple seconds.

Then it was actual memories. Things they’d done together in their past came rushing back to him even after some nameless (because I refuse to look up his name) jerk tried to activate the monster inside. Steve brought him back every time.


3. Because of the way that they look at each other.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then these two have been in love with each other since the start. There’s fondness in their gaze that comes from knowing each other for so long and understanding the other like the back of their hand.

Go back and watch their moments together. There’s always a lingering look that traces the others features as if they were seeing each other for the first time.

And other times they look at each other as if everything’s perfect at that exact moment and they couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.


4. Because they’re a team.

It’s not a coincidence that they work like a lean, mean, fighting machine. Even before their separation, Steve and Bucky had each others backs. There was trust and an understanding that no matter what went down they would be there for one another. A natural rhythm, where they complimented each other in moments of battle, was born out of this.

Just look at how they don’t even have to speak because the other already knows what they’re going to do!


5. Because they’re with each other till the end of the line.

The size of Steve’s muscles may have changed and Bucky may have forgotten his best friend, but the commitment they share with and for each other is forever. It’s deeply ingrained in the people they were…

and the people they are.

Time hasn’t diminished what they feel for each other. It’s only strengthened it.

The MTV Fandom Awards will be announced at San Diego’s Petco Park on Thursday, July 21, the day that Comic-Con officially begins. The show will then air on Sunday, July 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET on MTV.

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