5 Reasons Why Malec Should Be Crowned ‘Ship Of The Year’

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Malec has been nominated for Ship of the Year in MTV’s annual Fandom Awards. Though the ‘ship has been a fan favourite for years as one of the main couples in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, Freeform’s new TV show Shadowhunters has given them new life, and helped this amazing ship reach new audiences.

Malec may not technically be the main couple of Shadowhunters, but it’s certainly the most popular. This season, they went on one hell of a ride, facing obstacles like Alec’s hesitancy to come out of the closet and his engagement to Lydia Branwell that fell through in the most amazing way imaginable. Shadowhunters fans got to witness plenty of adorable flirting and innuendos before it all finally culminated in them getting together in an episode that was literally named after them because that’s how awesome Malec is.

Here are 5 reasons why Malec deserves to be Ship of the Year.

Because Alec gets adorably flustered every time he so much as thinks about Magnus


Oh, Alec. He’s never been in a relationship before. He’s a little overwhelmed. He doesn’t know how to react to this attention. And he certainly doesn’t know how to react to everyone being able to tell that he’s crushing on another man when he’s spent his life hiding who he is and terrified of being outed. And that just makes their relationship even more enjoyable.

Because Malec has been flirting with Alec since the moment they met and it’s amazing


Sure, Magnus has been known to flirt with inanimate objects, but he was really flirting with Alec. And I can’t tell which is better: Magnus’s very obvious and unsubtle attraction to Alec, or Alec being simultaneously flustered, overwhelemed and totally in denial every time Magnus addresses him.

In short: Awkward guy who’s still deep in the closet + Outgoing, flamboyant man who left the closet behind a long time ago = magic.

Because representation matters


Regardless of how you think their relationship was handled on the show, the truth is that TV needs more gay couples, and Malec has helped and inspired a lot of fans. So let’s list the ways in which Malec is important.

They’re a same-sex couple that gets ample screen time and attention, at least as much as the main couple

They’re an interracial couple, both by real and fictional world standards.

Both characters are so much more than their sexuality.

They’re the only same-sex couple in SOTY that is still canonically together (Stucky and Stormpilot unfortunately haven’t happened yet, and Clexa came to a tragic end in season 3). That has to count for something, right?

So yeah. Malec wins.

Because their future is bright


I mentioned that they’re together, right? Like really, really together? And probably not going to break up or die anytime soon? And if the writers follow the books, are eventually going to live happily ever after with two adorable adopted babies?

(Until Alec dies of old age and Magnus lives on without him but shhhh we don’t need to think about that just yet)

Because they had the best kiss on television this season, no competition



If that’s not Ship Of The Year material, I don’t know what is.

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