Here’s Who Will Win Ship of The Year…

Ships. To be honest, I have a love hate relationship with them and half the time I am not sure of whose side I am on in the ship. Who belongs together? Who doesn’t? As much as I like certain people together – I have come to realize that the story isn’t mine to tell. It’s mine to watch, to fall in and out of love with, and to choose to stick with our give up on.

So when it came down to it and us breaking down each ship for MTV’s Ship of the year contest, I was a little afraid. No matter what we say, someones going to be mad. But we get that. Because in life – you don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses you.

So now that we’ve taken the time to tell you why we think each ship should win – I am left with the task of breaking down who will win and who won’t. And why.

Who Will Win –


Here’s why: This fandom has their shit together. Even when they are arguing, even when they don’t agree – they know that they have a common goal. The fandom mobilizes.

But besides that, Olicity genuinely deserves it. The ship is well developed and is what every ship should take note of. The writers mastered the art of the slow burn and sexual tension. They made you feel for the characters and root for them.

Who Won’t Win –


Here’s why: Fans aren’t completely sold on this ship. They love them together, but are not sure if they feel something beyond the bromance feel.


Here’s why: We’re at the beginning of this relationship and not everyones convinced that they are anything beyond a bromance. We’re rooting for them – we are looking forward to seeing what happens in future movies – but we’re thinking that this may be a fandom winner in the future.


Here’s why: Simply because the fandom hasn’t mobilized to make sure that they win. That’s it. Stydia is a real contender, a fan favorite.


Here’s why: We’re still on the slow burn portion of this ship. They are a contender and they deserve to win. But in the long run – they haven’t developed enough yet. They’ll get there.


Here’s Why: Because the fandom is split down the middle. Half like the show and half don’t – but what the fandom can’t seem to find is a sense of unity. In order to win a contest like this you need it and Shadowhunter’s fans simply can’t find it.


Here’s Why: They have mobilized and they have given Olicity a run for it’s money. But the simple reason that Clexa won’t win is because they don’t have the numbers. That’s it. Olicity fans are just out voting them.

tumblr_oa5p8lohq31qh9nffo1_400Who is your choice for ship of the year? Vote here.

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