Fangirlish Does Comic-Con Day 3: DC Television, Once Upon A Time, Vampire Diaries

San Diego Comic Con kicked off officially today, with a full day of panels, press interviews and goodies from the SDCC floor! Fangirlish was there, and we’ve got a recap for you!

That’s right, this is what we really loved from the third day of San Diego Comic Con. With visual proof. Because we’re good like that.

DC Television


Saturday was quite “super” as we sat down with the casts of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham to preview the new seasons and talk about our favorite aspects of each show. Talking to superheroes is such a difficult job, but someone’s gotta do it. From Arrow‘s returning to the gritty reality it established itself as in season one to The Flash giving details on Flashpoint to Supergirl introducing Tyler Hoechlin as Superman to Legends of Tomorrow diving into a new mission to Gotham exploring the fall of heroes, there was so much to look forward to in the new television season. Not to mention each show gave us a sneak peek at their new seasons, which left us holding on for dear life. No, really.

The Vampire Diaries


It was a bittersweet day for fans of The Vampire Diaries as the show announced that its eighth season would be its final season of 16 episodes. We chatted with the cast about the new, exciting final season. Season eight is going to have a season one nostalgic feel, as well as bring things full circle. During their panel fans were treated to a special video tribute to The Vampire Diaries first seven seasons with special messages of thanks from the cast and crew. The Vampire Diaries has been such a huge part of our lives. God, we’re sobbing messes.

The Originals


While we’re still angry about having to wait for The Originals to return midseason, we were pleased with the teases we got for the new season. We also enjoyed talking with the cast and getting teases out of them about the new season. One of the things that Joseph Morgan stressed was the most important relationship in Klaus’ life is the relationship with his daughter. The thing Klaus wants to do most is reunite with his family. But when he wakes up he’s going to be very violent. Also Charles Michael Davis will turn our lives around with his smile.



Greg Berlanti is bringing another show to the CW in the non-superhero drama Riverdale, which after having seen it was a solid pilot. We chatted with the cast about what we can expect from this unique twist on the Archie comics. Despite the mystery of Jason Blossom’s death being the central focus, this show is going to be about the friendships between these characters. But of course one of the central focuses will lie with the love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica. But while they are the main love triangle it doesn’t mean it’s all about that. Also, KJ Apa needs to be a ginger. Seriously.



One of our favorite new shows this fall is The CW’s Frequency, which takes a unique direction from the original film. We chatted with the cast, and both Peyton List and Riley Smith were both very emotional when discussing the dynamic between their characters. This show serves as a reminder to take time with the people you love and say the things you need to say while you have the chance. Cause life can change in an instant. They also told us that this is the best father-daughter relationship on television, and it’s the main focus of the show. Also, Peyton List knows more about Harry Potter than you do.



Our favorite guilty pleasure is also one of television’s smartest shows in FOX’s Lucifer. We got to interview the cast and producers and quiz them about what the new season holds in store. Of course the main focus lies in Lucifer’s mother making her grand entrance. We learned that Lucifer’s mother hates people and wants to kill them all. Lovely woman, really. Tom Ellis also gave us a little tease about the Lucifer/Chloe dynamic. He said that Chloe is Lucifer’s only weakness. He knew she was his weakness and he still wanted to work with her. All. The. Tension. Also, Tom Ellis is so tall that he kneels and it looks like he’s sitting.

Follow our adventures at Comic-Con throughout the week!

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