5 Things We Learned from The 100 Panel at SDCC

Like the lines at SDCC, The 100 will also be stuck in a perpetual spiral of pain where you can’t pinpoint a happy ending despite assurances that everything will be alright. To prep you for what’s to come in season 4 here are five things we learned from The 100 in Ballroom 20 of San Diego Comic Con!

1. Roan is a series regular.

With the death of Lexa, Ontari, and the Ice Queen, someone needs to come in and represent the Grounders in Polis. Welcome in Roan. It hasn’t been confirmed whether Roan will become the next Commander, but it makes sense. He understands these people and has come to know Clarke even if briefly. And with the danger of the nuclear apocalypse around the corner they’ll need to unite under people that understand that the danger is not each other, but the rest of Earth.

2. Indra is alive.

Admit it. You were worried for Indra and her BFF Kane. You wondered how you’d ever live without her friendship, sass, and badassery. Well you won’t have to worry now! The 100 panel has confirmed that Indra is alive. We predict battling the guilt she feels over being defeated by her injury and rekindling her friendship with Kane. Maybe even get best friend shirts.

3. Henry wants to direct an episode.

When asked what the actors wanted to take on for Season 4, Henry was quick to volunteer for directing an episode. Of course, Jason was more than happy to agree. No confirmation if it will happen has come through but a girl (and Henry) can dream that it will.

4. Kane was originally Octavia’s father.

While joking around on stage, it was revealed that Kane was initially set to be Octavia’s father! It was scrapped and the mystery of her father still remains large. That lost family dynamic hasn’t stopped Henry and Bob from calling each other father and son anytime they could behind the scenes.

5. Octavia is going to become an assassin.

With nothing left and no family by her side, Octavia is going to be a little lost when season 4 commences. To help fill in time she’ll do what she does best…KILL! She’s going to train, take a turn to the dark side, and become involved with some new people you’d never see coming!

Check out the highlights from The 100 panel below:

The 100 returns for a midseason premiere on The CW.

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