The 3 Most Important Things We Learned From The Originals Panel At SDCC

We know that season 4 of The Originals – we’re going to be needing to wait until midseason for that. We’re waiting for the return, because we need it. We need it now.

Here’s the most important things from the panel.

We’re time jumping 5 years.

You may remember that we ended with the Mikaelson’s all laying in their coffins – with Hayley taking them on a quest to find a cure for their curses. Personally, I would travel to the ends of the earth to find a cure for Elijah, so I get it. Ok, Klaus too. In time jumping that means that Hope is now a little person.

That’s right – Hope is now 7. She misses her Dad. She wants to have him back and in the video – we get to see her ask if they’re going to save her Dad now. Talk about heart breaking.

Hayley is gonna get in touch with her werewolf side.

Hayley has to embrace her werewolf side. Her journey has required her to “locate the seven werewolf packs … so she has a very difficult journey ahead of her,” executive producer Michael Narducci said.

We’re looking forward to this. Hayley’s always strong as fuck – so seeing her embrace that will be a treat.

We know that Hayley’s always been searching for a family and she’s got one. You know – those 5 coffins in the back. “Through the events that happened, she created a family on her own with her daughter. I don’t think she feels alone — one, because she has five bodies in the back of her car — and because she has a purpose, a family-driven purpose.” Tonkin said.

Cami and Davina’s deaths were “necessary”?

We have been trying to come to grips with the fact that Cami is gone, but have yet to come to grips with Davina. The thing is we were always holding out hope – until now.

“It’s a hard thing to explain,” Plec began. “You start to feel a redundancy of heroes. If you continue down a certain storyline, you’ll end up taking people in a direction that will isolate them. You get the urge to mix things up and to make things very tragic … so that you can always feel fresh, and you don’t have nine people telling the same story. … We needed to pull the family as tightly together as possible, and excise some of the characters who might conflict with.”

Davina didn’t have to go. Cami didn’t have to go.

Ok – maybe they did. But, it doesn’t make it any easier. Yet, if there is one thing we’ve learned – Julie Plec and her team of writers always have a plan.

See the teaser trailer below –

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