The Originals: There Is A New Vampire Heading to New Orleans

The Originals have a new vampire coming to New Orleans.

Neil Jackson, who you may remember from Sleepy Hollow, is heading to to New Orleans, Joesph Morgan revealed at San Diego Comic Con.

While we don’t know much about his character – we just know that his character will be interacting with Klaus. And well with how many people he’s pissed off in his life – no one knows what that equates to.

Who knows if Klaus pissed him off or if they are friends – but I am sure that we’ll find out.

We can’t wait for The Originals to return. We know that there is a time jump and that Hope is a lot older – you know like 5 years older. We’re anxious to see if she’s more like her Dad or her Mom.

The Originals returns midseason to The CW.

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