Not Sure That This Needs To Happen – Beaches Is Being Remade

Beaches is one of those movies that holds up. Like for me it does. I can watch it a million times over and not think twice about it.

I can dance around my living room and sing Wind Beneath My Wings like I was a kid again.

So, knowing it holds up kind of makes me hesitant knowing that it is being remade. And as much as I love Lifetime movies, it worries me that it is being remade by Lifetime.

I know, I know – optimism. I want to have it. I truly do.

It was announced today that Broadway and Frozen star Idina Menzel, will play the role of CC in the movie that was recently greenlit. Now, I love Idina’s voice, but I am not sure I am ready to hear anyone else take on Wind Beneath My Wings and The Glory of Love.

The movie is set for 2017 premiere.

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