Gotham SDCC 2016 Interviews: 5 Things We Learned About Season 3

Following an intense sophomore season of Gotham that delved into the rise of the villains, its third season will flip the switch and examine what befalls our heroes.

With the introduction of the Court of Owls and the tease of more darkness ahead, season three of Gotham is shaping up to be the darkest and most compelling yet.

We sat down with the Gotham cast at San Diego Comic-Con where we got some scoop about what lies in store for season three, including the Court of Owls, Bruce’s evolution, and how heroes will fall.

Here are five things we learned about Gotham season three from our Comic-Con interviews:

1. Season 3 Will See the “Heroes Will Fall”

While Gotham‘s second season focused on the rise of the villains, this new season will focus on the opposite end of the spectrum as the heroes step into focus. But it’s not good news for our heroes, as you would expect on a show like Gotham.

“The subtitle of the season is ‘Heroes Will Fall,'” Ben McKenzie said. “That is really indicative of where [Jim Gordon] is going. All of the heroes are flirting with the dark side, and tipping over into it.”

“Every character is going through a major transformation this year,” Robin Lord Taylor added.

2. Jim is Living in a Solitary Environment

While Jim finally has his own apartment — something we and Ben McKenzie are all incredibly excited about — Jim isn’t in a good place when the new season begins.

“He’s living in a very solitary environment,” McKenzie said. “I imagine it like the movie The Professional. He’s sort of this – he’s a bounty hunter, living alone, he drinks a lot, he keeps to himself. It’s a very sort of dark, zen-like place he’s found himself.”

3.Bruce’s Journey

While Gotham exists to examine the corruption within the infamous city of Gotham, it’s also an origin story of sorts for Bruce Wayne, who we know grows up to become Batman. Last season we saw a whole new, dark side of Bruce that matched the tone of the season. But come season three, Bruce is going to need to do some self-examining of where he’s at and the choices he’s made.

“Most of season one, Bruce was grieving and he couldn’t do a lot, and he couldn’t make his evolution into Batman just yet because it was too early,” David Mazouz said. “Season two he definitely made that evolution. He really made major steps towards becoming the caped crusader. And season three, those steps were so big in season two there’s going to need to be a check; need to be a step back. Bruce realizes that if he contineus the path that he’s going on he’s putting people he cares about and loves in danger.”

But season three is going to a year of finding himself for Bruce.

“He’s going to do a lot of figuring out in season three,” Mazouz continued. “That does not mean he’ll be any less involved than he was in season two. He’ll be a major player.”

4. The Court of Owls

Last season on Gotham, fans got a major tease that the show would be delving into the Court of Owls in season three. That’s certainly the case.

Camren Bicondova teased what we can expect from the Court of Owls in season three, which is a chilling group of people that is controlling everyone.

“Everybody has their own specific role in how Gotham is going to be changing,” Bicondova said. “And Gotham has a very specific role in how everybody around it is going to be changing. With the Court of Owls being introduced this year, we’re going to be seeing how one super group of people controls everybody. And the everybody doesn’t even know that they’re being controlled.”

5. Lee Returns to Gotham After Piecing Herself Back Together

When we last left Dr. Leslie Thompkins, she had broken up with Jim, had a miscarriage, and left Gotham. But Lee will be returning to Gotham in season three after having gathered herself. And it sounds like she had some help from a new love.

“She went through some hard times — lost a baby, broke up with Jim — she had to sort of piece her life back together,” Morena Baccarin said. “She ends up finding love, solace in a new character — Falcone’s son, Mario Falcone.”

What lies in store with that relationship and it’s impact on Jim and beyond remains to be seen. But with Gotham, always expect the worst in terms of character emotions.

Watch our full interviews with the cast of Gotham below:

Gotham season three premieres Sept. 19 at 8/7c on FOX.

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