Ryan Dorsey and Jeff Torres Added to Cast of Pitch

1406128196_ryan-dorsey-zoomRyan Dorsey and Jeff Torres are heading to Fox’s highly anticipated show, Pitch. If you haven’t seen the preview for Pitch it “follows Ginny (Kylie Bunbury), a young pitcher who breaks that glass ceiling and becomes the first woman to pitch in the major leagues.

We can only imagine the drama that will come in this show – the testosterone overload threatened by the women who is taking their spot.

Jeff Torres will play a team mate of Ginny’s.

Ryan Dorsey will play Tommy Miller. When Ginny hits the big leagues, Tommy is worried about his future on the team. So he speaks out against her and we can only imagine what that entails. We’re hoping that someone tells him that he doesn’t have to prove how big or small his penis is by speaking out against Ginny. Ya, we’re not liking him already.

Both men have been cast in recurring roles.

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