We Now Know When The Royals Will Return

We’ve made no secret that we are anxiously awaiting the return of The Royals on E!. The show has us captivated with the drama, romance, and straight up craziness.

So we were excited to wake up this AM and find that E! has posted four photos that give us a look at the upcoming season.

You may recall we left last season knowing that Robert is still alive (thought we’re wondering just how sunburnt he is if he was on that beach for a long time or if someone helped him and he is stuck in the plot of Misery). This season the Queen is going to be looking for answers – so it appears that she has finally started taking something for her miserable bitchiness.

Even more exciting – we finally know when the show will return. Sunday, Dec. 4 at 10 p.m., following Mariah’s World. It will pick up two weeks after the death of King Simon’s murderer.

Please tell me we are going to see Ophelia.

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