Our Five Wishes for The Flash Season 3

With The Flash’s third season on the horizon our minds have shifted to obsessing and counting down the days until the fastest man alive finds his way back to our television screens.

Following The Flash’s shocking second season finale, everything we knew is going to be turned on its head as the series delves into Flashpoint in season three. After Barry made the decision to save his mother in the season two finale he disrupted the timeline as we all knew it, which essentially created an entirely new show. Nothing will be the same. And that idea alone is enough to both entice and terrify us.

With a new season forthcoming we’ve thought a lot about some things that we hope to see come to fruition this year. From Flashpoint’s duration to Barry’s growth to WestAllen, here are our five wishes for The Flash’s third season:

1. Flashpoint Won’t Be Dragged Out

As The Flash delves into the famous Flashpoint storyline, there are certain expectations for it to live up to. As Barry now exists in this alternate timeline – which has also affected certain shows like Arrow – it presents a unique opportunity for Barry – who also remembers the old timeline – to struggle to find his way back home – a home that might not be as devoid of pain but is his true home.

My only concern with this is that the show might drag it out for too long. While Flashpoint is something that The Flash could no doubt drag out for an entire season, it’s something that would be more successful as a first-half of season three storyline as it leads into something else for the remainder of the season. From the teases we’ve got so far it sounds like Flashpoint won’t be stretched out. But its effects will be felt throughout the rest of the season, which is exactly the thing I want to hear as a fan.

2. Barry to Learn From His Mistakes and Grow as an Individual

I love Barry Allen as much as the next person, and because of that I want to see the very best for his character. With that said, Barry has been quite selfish making some of the worst mistakes a hero made last season. And those mistakes held so much more weight because of who Barry is.

Last season I found myself disappointed to watch as Barry fully regressed as a character from season’s beginning to end, which is the complete opposite of what a hero should do during a season. I fully understand that the weight to which Barry feels is a defining quality of his heroic identity, but it’s also something that has gotten him into more trouble than he could’ve imagined over these last two seasons. I want Barry to not only struggle because of his missteps but to learn from them. Everything that he’s going through will mean nothing if he doesn’t learn from it and grow as a result.

3. Barry and Iris to Build and Progress Romantically

The all-too-familiar slowburn is something that we’ve all experienced as shippers. Of course the slowburn that has kept us wanting, wishing, waiting for two seasons has been WestAllen – Barry Allen and Iris West. The pair have never been in the same place at the right time, which is where we found them at the close of season two. After Iris confessed her love for Barry, Barry realized that even with Iris’ love that he felt empty. Obviously that pain and confusion prompted him to make the decision to change the timeline.

But more importantly, before that decision Barry told Iris that he wasn’t ready, and she promised that she would wait for him just as he had waited for her. So now as we dive into Flashpoint things are going to different from their dynamic. But Flashpoint will serve to remind us that it doesn’t matter what timeline they exist in, Barry and Iris will always find each other. But when Barry does (hopefully) find his way back to the right timeline, my wish is that Barry and Iris work on themselves as individuals and then work on building that foundation for their romantic relationship.

4. Don’t Lose the Cisco/Wells Dynamic

One of the things that I absolutely loved in The Flash’s second season was the chemistry-fueled dynamic between Cisco and Wells. Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh just have this enigmatic dynamic that shines on screen. With The Flash delving into Flashpoint things are going to be much different than we left them. Cisco is going to be different. Wells – whatever version we get of him – is going to be different. So I can only hold out hope that Harry Wells returns from Earth-2 to help fix things, and once the ship is righted that we get to see that relationship bloom once more.

5. Something Fresh That Changes the Game – Again

When it comes to The Flash one of the things that it does better than most shows is dive headfirst for the things that you wouldn’t expect. Nothing is “too soon” for the show to explore. But that’s also the thing that works against it. Because The Flash has shepherded compelling storylines like Reverse Flash and Earth-2, it always finds itself having to outdo itself the following season.

With the introduction of Flashpoint, that’s certainly something that could be that game changer this season – depending on how they execute it. Or perhaps it could be something else entirely. All I’m asking is for the impossible – wow me; wow me more than I’ve been wowed before on this show. That might seem like an impossible task, but then again nothing has been too impossible for The Flash to accomplish.

The Flash season three premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c on the CW.

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