The Royals Adds a New Prince To The Cast

TS-2_0050The Royals has decided to make us thirsty this season with all of their casting. As if we didn’t have enough trouble deciding between our love for Liam or Jasper – they cast Robert and the new Lucius. And geez – our hearts went into over drive. But that wasn’t enough, because they added more.

There is another Prince added to the mix.

Toby Sandeman is joining the cast as Sebastian, who appears to be quite the charmer. At least that is what his character is – a Moroccan Prince who is charming but may have a hidden agenda. Someone show me anyone on this show that doesn’t have one of those.

His character apparently is a modern royal – so we’re really not sure what that means. Cause lets face it – as fascinated as we are with the real life royals – none of them seems comfortable in the spotlight. But Sebastian apparently is.

We’re assuming that’s because he knows that everyone is drooling over him.

The Royals returns December 4th on E!.

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