Alisha Wainwright Joins The Cast of Shadowhunters

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 5.02.37 AM []Maia has been cast in Shadowhunters TV. We’re excited to see a character that we love in the show. We’re not going to say that we’re not scared, because who knows how she will change, but we are happy to have her.

Alisha is not a new comer to Freeformer. She was also in Switched at Birth. The actress has also been on Fox’s Rosewood and TNT’s Perception. Maia is a bartender at the Hunters Moon and one of the newest members of Luke’s pack. She’s stubborn and sarcastic – traits we love about her.

Cassie Clare has welcomed her to the show.

You can follow Alisha on Twitter HERE.

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