Jon Snow & Lyanna Mormont Elected as Leaders of the GoT Party!

Sadly, Westeros won’t be holding an election anytime soon, but hey, if they did, we already know who’d win.

During the month of August, Game of Thrones ran a GoT Party election, asking us, the public, to vote for a leader and a running mate. So, we were basically choosing the …eh …honorary President and Vice President of Westeros?

If only this would ensure their survival.

The results, after 1,601,017 ballots cast, were as follows (and they were close):

GOT party

And with close we mean it was close if you weren’t Cersei, who, to no one’s surprise, ended up dead last.

The site even put up a statement, purportedly released by Jon Snow after the win:

Winter has come and the war between the living and the dead will not end swiftly. We have cast aside the differences between Crow and Wildling, bastard and trueborn, Northerner or Southerner, to fight a common enemy.

We have seen that we cannot survive the Long Night divided. Unity is a necessity to meet the challenge of our time, but it is only the beginning.

“The Long Night is coming, and the dead come with it.”

Ah, if only the results in the real election were nearly as satisfactory.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO in 2017.

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