We Can’t Be Mad At You Shailene Woodley – Not For This….

I can’t be mad at Shailene Woodley.

I mean if we’re going to be honest – the fans didn’t sign on for what has been done to the Divergent franchise either. It’s not all about being tired of Dystopian. I think it’s being tired of studios having little respect for the property and reverting from the source material so drastically that you don’t even recognize what you fell in love with in the first place.

I didn’t sign on for a TV show.

I didn’t sign on for anyone else to play Tris.

But if Lionsgate moves ahead with a TV show, we shouldn’t expect Shailene Woodley to be involved.

“I honestly have no idea what’s going on with Divergent,” she commented during San Diego Comic-Con. “I know as much as you do.”

Truth was – everything that we all knew – well, that faded fast. Because everything keeps changing.

Now I liked Allegiant – because I made my peace a long time ago that I wasn’t watching the Divergent franchise on film. I was watching the characters I loved, in a parallel universe. Kind of like if you watch The Flash you know that Earth 2 exists. That’s where I have always felt like the characters from Divergent are.

Personally, I don’t see this TV show happening. If it does, it does. But I think if anything the Divergent franchise should be a prime example of why you don’t deviate so far from the source material.

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