The Royals Season 3 Trailer Released

It is finally here! It is finally here!

Look, if you haven’t been watching The Royals, you are missing out. It’s the craziest damn drama giving us a look at a fictional royal family.

We’re in love with this show, the cast, and all the damn drama.

E! released the trailer for the third season of the hit show.

Some thoughts –

1 – We’d really like the blonde chick to go away and Liam to fight for Ophelia.
2 – Where is Ophelia?
3 – We would let Jasper watch us anywhere too, so we ain’t hating on your Eleanor.
4 – Jasper and Eleanor belong together.
5 – Cyrus needs to rethink his hair cut and his attitude.
6 – We’re thinking that fainting at the end comes from Robert coming back and we hope we are right.

The Royals returns December 4th!

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