Michael Weatherly Looking to Bring Mata Hari Show to The CW

We may not be the biggest fan of the new show Bull (sorry Michael Weatherly), but we are intrigued by the show the star is looking to bring to life. Michael Weatherly is looking to bring Mata Hari to life.

Now yes, we should have paid more attention to history (we do love it – we swear). Had to google who the Mata Hari was. Knew she was a dancer, but that’s about it. Turns out the she was a notorious lover and a double agent during WWI.

Michael Weatherly is looking to bring a show about her to the CW. It would be a reimagining of her life. We’re all for a spy drama with a woman being front and center and kicking ass.

It’s not the first time that Weatherly is looking to bring something to the CW. He previously was attached as a producer for a Little Women re-imagining.

So we’ll see where this one goes.

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