NFL Week 2 Winners and Losers

We know a bit more know. And yet, the NFL is still really, really hard to predict.

That’s probably half the fun of this.

So, let’s talk about the good, the bad, the amazing and the outright horrendous of the NFL Week 2. Hopefully your team is in the first category.


The Houston Texans: Osweiler isn’t exactly lighting it up, but the Texans are winning, they look solid and they got some measure of revenge for last year’s playoff loss. Considering it’s only week 2, it looks like this team can only go up.

The Arizona Cardinal’s defense: The Cardinal’s D came out to play and they looked like an unit possessed. Maybe, in the long run, the Patriots loss will only help this team. In the NFL you don’t only have to be good, you have to play hard every single down. The Cardinals seem to have learned that lesson.

Sam Bradford: He played a good game, he helped the Vikings to a win and he didn’t get injured. Now, the problem is ….people are going to expect him to do it again, and again. Can he?

The Denver defense: For a team that just won the Superbowl, Denver has come into the season with a lot of doubters. They put most of that to rest with a dominant defensive effort against a really good Colts offense. Yes, they can win with Siemian and this defense. So be afraid. Be very afraid.

Dak Prescott: He didn’t win the game by himself, but he looked composed, and, playing on the road, he lead his team to a come-from-behind win. That’s got to be a bit boost of confidence for the young Dallas QB.


Todd Gurley (and everyone who bet on him in fantasy football): The holes are there, Gurley is not just hitting them. And the Rams really, really need him to. He’s their whole offense. Plus he’s killing my fantasy team. So, Gurley, wake up. Please.

The Raiders Defense: With Del Rio as coach you’d think the Raiders defense would be an unit people should at least respect. That has not been the case. They’ve given up so many points that, even if the offense is clicking, it’ll be hard for them to actually compete once they have to play the likes of Denver’s defense.

Rex Ryan: His hold on the job is looking tenuous at best. A couple more losses and we could have the first head coaching change of the season.

Alex Smith: Ah, back to the Smith we know and don’t really love. He just couldn’t make plays. And, after a while, it seemed like he wasn’t even trying that hard. The defense kept the Chiefs in the game, and yet Smith just couldn’t find a way to get his team close.

NFL Officials: They missed what feels like all the calls in the Chargers-Jaguars game, and then they cost the Browns the game. This after a poor showing in Week 1. Right now it’s hard to believe that the officials know what they’re doing.


Von Miller. He had a quiet (by his standards) week in Week 1, but Miller completely terrorized Andrew Luck this week to help Denver to a win.


The Bears offensive line. Sure, Jay Cutler didn’t have the best game of his life, but this unit gives him zero time to throw and they’re partly responsible for their QB getting hurt in Week 2 of the NFL season.

Agree? Disagree? Who were your winners and losers for Week 2? Share with us in the comments below.

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