Ian Verdun Added to Freeform’s Pilot, “The Deep”


Look, I want to believe that there would be a good show about mermaids, but – I don’t know how this will work. Will that stop me from watching Freeform’s, The Deep. Nope it won’t.

I am intrigued.

“The Deep is a dark re-imagining of the classic mermaid mythology. Set in a small fishing village in the Pacific Northwest, it explores the discovery of a mermaid caught in local waters who turns out to be a wild, ferocious, marine predator,” Deadline says.

Now, why someone wants to ruin our view of Mermaids, I am unsure.

Freeform has added the first person to the cast, Ian Verdun, who is set to be a regular on the show. He will play, Xander McClure, a deep sea fisherman, big-hearted who works with his father on a fishing trawler.

Will you be watching ‘The Deep’? What do you think of a show about Mermaids?

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