The Blacklist 4×02 Preview Guide: ‘Mato’

After last week’s riveting premiere, it’s time to prepare for episode two, “Mato”. Once again we were left with a number of questions. The biggest one of those being, what happened to Red, Dembe, and Kaplan after the car crash, and where has Agnes been taken now? One thing is for sure, Liz will fight harder than she has ever fought to get her baby back, and Red and the rest of the team will be right by her side. If you threaten one member of the task force family, you threaten all of them. As Tom said:

I’m coming for them, for you. And not just me, an army. You hear me? An army is coming for you.”

We’ve seen Red come unhinged multiple times before when it comes to Liz, so we can bet that Kirk and his accomplices are about to step into a living nightmare once Red goes after them for real. And let’s not forget that Liz will be coming after them with everything she’s got. You don’t separate a mother from her child without suffering serious consequences.

It looks like we may get some closure in this episode as well. Liz can be seen receiving a long awaited hug from Ressler in a promo photo. Keenler fans, it’s time to freak out! Does this mean a team reunion? We can only hope some emotional relief is coming our way, and the team is one step closer to being whole again. Maybe Red and Kaplan will finally sort out their differences and go back to working as an unbeatable team

Here’s the episode synopsis and a trailers,┬áto get us prepared for tonight.


Red calls on Tom and the Task Force to help locate an infamous bounty hunter who might possess critical information about Alexander Kirk’s future plans; Liz is still hesitant in determining Kirk’s trustworthiness.


The Blacklist airs Thursdays 10/9c on NBC.


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