The Walking Dead Season 7 Portraits Released

AMC has just released Season 7 portraits for it’s cast and it’s got me freaking out. Just a little bit.

The first set are of the cast in red with something just on the edge of the frame. It looks as if something were hovering nearby. Perhaps a bat being swung at the person kneeling next to them? Or being swung at them?! The only one smiling is Negan, for obvious evil reasons. The rest are either looking away from the camera or looking hopeless. It’s not a good look for any of them.

These beauties were then followed by a second white set released over on Yahoo. My question is, why is Daryl’s portrait up close? Why is there a smattering of something on his neck and dirt on his shirt? I know Daryl isn’t the best when it comes to staying spotless but the others look pretty well off. AMC has been teasing us for months and I would lose it if it’s Daryl who dies by Negan’s bat.

On a side note, it’s nice to see Carol on her feet and with a knife on hand. That woman is not done fighting yet!

The Walking Dead premieres October 23rd @ 9/8c on AMC.

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