NFL Week 4 Winners and Losers

So, that was a weird weekend. Some of our preconceived notions were blown to pieces, and yet, there were also some teams that came ready to prove that they truly are the elite of the NFL.

Let’s examine this week’s winners and losers and see where your team ends up.


John Elway: The guy is either a genius or he has a crystal ball. Either way, he let Osweiler walk away, released Mark Sanchez and said again and again that he was comfortable with Siemian and Paxton Lynch as his 1-2 QBs. When Siemian went down, Lynch proved him right. Again. Doesn’t this guy ever tire of being right?

The Buffalo Bills: Who could have seen that coming? Not even the Bills thought they had it in them to shut out the Patriots. Or maybe they did. Rex Ryan is still there, after all.

Matt Ryan: Right now, Ryan looks like an elite QB. Next week he faces the Broncos defense in their home turf. That’s the real test.

Michael Crabtree: Who would have thought, the Raiders are for real. Or, at least, they’re better than they’ve been in a while.

The Dallas Cowboys: The future looks bright in Dallas – especially with that young QB/RB combo.


The Detroit Lions: On paper, they should have beaten the Chicago Bears. But, what’s that old saying: That’s why they play the game? Indeed it is.

The Kansas City Defense: Ouch. No, seriously, that hurt. They were supposed to be a good defense, weren’t they?

The Arizona Cardinals: Elite team? Not so much, it seems. And not just because they seem lost, but because they keep losing games, which is even more concerning.

NaVorro Bowman: It sucks to be injured, but it sucks even more when you are the so-called “defensive leader.” Did I mention he was just coming back from another devastating injury?

Andrew Luck: He’s a good QB. He’s doing the best he can. His team is just not very good. And it doesn’t look like they’re getting better anytime soon.

Cam Newton: Post-Super Bowl hangover? The Broncos don’t seem to be feeling it, but the Panthers certainly are, none more than Cam Newton, who’s had a couple of subpar games and left the game with a concussion.


Aqiq Talib, Denver Broncos. Two INTS, one of them returned for a TD, in the first 4 TB possessions. The Broncos scored 14 points off of that. They would never relinquish the lead.


Bené Benwikere, CB, Carolina Panthers. Total disaster. Julio Jones ate him for breakfast. And he wasn’t even the only one.

Agree? Disagree? Who were your winners and losers for Week 4? Share with us in the comments below.

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