NFL Pick Em: Our Picks for Week 5

Are you ready for some football?!

The fifth week of the 2016 NFL season kicks off with a battle between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers on Thursday Night Football.

Sunday’s games also feature some anticipated match-ups including Tom Brady’s return to the Patriots, the high-flying Falcons taking on the Broncos, as well as a divisional showdown on Monday Night Football match-up as the Carolina Panthers search for redemption against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Here are our picks for week three of the 2016 NFL season:


ALYSSA: Arizona 21, San Francisco 17 – The struggling Cardinals don’t look like the squad that played for a slot in last year’s Super Bowl. But perhaps this is the week they get back on track.

LIZZIE: Arizona 28, San Francisco 17 – Yeah, don’t trust the 49ers. Don’t trust the Cards much either, but at least on paper, they’re the better team.

CHARLES: San Francisco 17, Arizona 14 – Both teams are struggling but I see 49ers getting a win as the Cardinals are searching for answers.

NADIA: San Francisco 20, Atlanta 14 – Neither team really excites me, but Carson Palmer has been interception friendly these days and that is why San Francisco wins.


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ALYSSA: New England 45, Cleveland 10 – Let’s face it even without Tom Brady this game is going to be a blowout. But I expect Brady to light it up in his return.

LIZZIE: New England 41, Cleveland 10 – Does anyone really think Cleveland’s gonna win this game? Anyone?

CHARLES: New England 47, Cleveland 7 – Tom Brady is back for the Patriots this Sunday. Against the Browns. Pray for the Browns. 

NADIANew England 42, Cleveland 10 – I’m giving New England 42 only because Tom Brady will be a bit rusty. Cleveland continues to remain winless.


ALYSSA: Philadelphia 31, Detroit 17 – The Eagles are no doubt one of the hottest teams in the league right now, and they should handedly defeat the struggling Lions.

LIZZIE: Philadephia 23, Detroit 14 – There was one hot second where I thought Stafford and the Lions could actually do this. That second passed. Carson Wentz’s moment hasn’t.

CHARLES: Philadelphia 38, Detroit 21 – Eagles and Carson Wentz are the real deal. I expect Wentz to continue his hot streak against a subpar Lions defense

NADIAPhiladelphia 28, Detroit 17 – Philadelphia is the team I didn’t see coming and the Lions will be the Lions. Philly will remain undefeated.


ALYSSA: Chicago 24, Indianapolis 17 – Don’t call it a comeback, but it looks like the Bears could start a small winning streak here as they face a struggling Colts team. And this game is on the road, which is always in Chicago’s favor.

LIZZIE: Indianapolis 21, Chicago 17 – On the one hand, the Bears could pull it off. On the other – at least Indy wins the QB battle in this matchup of lost teams.

CHARLES: Chicago 23, Indianapolis 21 – Both teams aren’t very good right now but I suspect the Bears will put up another fight against the Colts in what might be a upset to some people.

NADIAChicago 21, Indianapolis 17 – I don’t buy into the Bears QB controversy, Hoyer is a great backup and that is it. The Bears defense will take advantage of Indy’s worn down offensive line and win this game.


ALYSSA: Miami 20, Tennessee at 14 – The Dolphins should manage to finally lock another game up. I think. More like hoping. Don’t let me down.

LIZZIE: Miami 24, Tennessee 20 – I’m going to take this one on faith – mostly because Adam Gase looked very sure of what he was saying. But this is the last time, Miami. The last time.

CHARLES: Tennessee 14, Miami 10 – Dolphins need a win badly. This won’t be it. 

NADIATennessee 21, Miami 13 – Four weeks in and I have no idea what either teams strengths are. My gut is telling me Tennessee. Based on my history, it will probably be Miami.


ALYSSA: Baltimore 24, Washington 20 – While Baltimore suffered a crushing defeat last week, they’ve been pretty good at coming through with close victories. I expect another.

LIZZIE: Baltimore 31, Washington 24 – Despite the heartbreak of last week, Baltimore should take this one.

CHARLES: Baltimore 31, Washington 20 – Ravens rebound from a heartbreaking loss last week in what will be a close game till the end.

NADIAWashington 31, Baltimore 20 – As someone whose team had to endure a Marc Trestman offense, Baltimore will be unable to put up the points. Washington is starting to get into a groove and an easy win.


ALYSSA: Minnesota 31, Houston 14 – The Vikings are perhaps the league’s hottest team with arguably the best defense. Things aren’t looking good for Houston, who don’t forget was shut out by the Patriots a couple weeks back.

LIZZIE: Minnesota 21, Houston 6 – Osweiler just can’t carry this team against a good defense. Not happening.

CHARLES: Minnesota 20, Houston 10 – The Vikings defense can make a case for being the best in the NFL. They will have a field day against Brock and the Texans.

NADIA: Minnesota 31, Houston 14 – Minnesota’s defense terrifies me and proves that a great defense can win games. It is scary good and they will prey on the Texans. Minnesota will also remain undefeated. Looks like the Philly-Minnesota trade wasn’t sill after all.


ALYSSA: Pittsburgh 34, NY Jets 20 – After a poor showing two weeks ago, the Steelers lit it up against the Chiefs with an offensive showing that was impressive to say the least. No reason why that shouldn’t continue.

LIZZIE: Pittsburgh 30, NY Jets 12 – I want to pick against Pittsburgh. I just can’t this week.

CHARLES: Pittsburgh 34, NY Jets 10 – Revis Island is going to be taken over by Big Ben and Antonio Brown by air and Le’Veon Bell by ground. 

NADIA: Pittsburgh 35, NY Jets 20 – Pittsburgh had one bad game and that was an anomaly. Jets can’t get that momentum going and Pittsburgh will steamroll them.


ALYSSA: Atlanta 24, Denver 21 – This is perhaps one of the week’s most interesting matchups. Denver is Denver – a dominant defense and productive offense – and Atlanta is one of the surprises of the season with an impressive offense that lit it up last week. I’m going for the upset. I’m taking the Falcons.

LIZZIE: Denver 21, Atlanta 20 – This looks like a good game, potentially a close one. I just can’t pick against Denver right now, because the defense …wow. The defense.

CHARLES: Denver 34, Atlanta 19 – In a score that will look familiar to Broncos fans, Atlanta defense will be taken apart by whoever is Denver’s quarterback.

NADIA: Denver 24, Atlanta 21 – True story: this is my Superbowl pick in my cousins pool. Atlanta is making the right adjustments and it doesn’t matter who plays QB for Denver. I picked Denver to win the Superbowl and this game.


ALYSSA: Dallas 30, Cincinnati 20 – The Cowboys continue to win despite a controversial ending to their lone loss in week one. While I don’t like it, I see them doing it again this week.

LIZZIE: Cincinnati 31, Dallas 28 – I’m gonna give this one to Andy Dalton, on experience alone.

CHARLES: Cincinnati 31, Dallas 28 – A hard-fought game will Andy Dalton outperforming the rookie just by a Field Goal.

NADIA: Dallas 24, Cincinnati 21 – I really like Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott. I think we are witnessing a new era for the Cowboys. AJ Green will remain a threat, but the Cowboys will win by a field goal.


ALYSSA: Buffalo 27, Los Angeles 10 – The Bills were impressive in a shutout of the Patriots last week. It’s gotta be the Bills.

LIZZIE: Buffalo 38, Los Angeles 14 – After blanking the Patriots we really have to pick the Bills in this one, don’t we?

CHARLES: Buffalo 13, LA Rams 10 – Defense will be the name of the game as I expect Rex Ryan’s to outperform Jeff Fisher’s.

NADIA: Los Angeles 23, Buffalo 20 – Somehow or another the LA Rams are in 1st place. Buffalo benefited from a 3rd string QB last week and won’t be able to win again this week.


ALYSSA: Oakland 34, San Diego 21 – The Raiders are definitely one of the dark horses this season, and their success has been one of the pleasant surprises this season.

LIZZIE: Oakland 30, San Diego 24 – The Chargers choke. That’s what they do. These Raiders are just the better team.

CHARLES: Oakland 34, San Diego 31 – A close game that the Chargers will once again snag defeat from the jaws of victory.

NADIA: Oakland 35, San Diego 31 – The Chargers will always be the Chargers and find ways to lose games they could have won. Oakland has been playing strong behind Derek Carr and will win this shootout.


ALYSSA: Green Bay 27, NY Giants 20 – Ever since their opening week victory over the Cowboys, the Giants haven’t had much luck in the win department. Their luck won’t change this week.

LIZZIE: Green Bay 30, NY Giants 24 I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the week off will have helped the Packers. Also, where has the Giants offense gone?

CHARLES: Green Bay 23, NY Giants 17 – Aaron Rodgers and the Pack had a good game against the Lions. Will they keep it up against the Giants? I..think so.

NADIA: Green Bay 28, NY Giants 17 – I hate to pick Green Bay, but I’m not inspired by Eli and the Giants. 


ALYSSA: Carolina 27, Tampa Bay 24 – The 2016 Panthers aren’t the 2015 Panthers. But divisional games are always a show. The Panthers should eek out their second win of the season over the Bucs.

LIZZIE: Carolina 38, Tampa Bay 20 This looks like the game for Carolina to rebound. Question is, can they do it if Cam can’t go? 

CHARLES: Carolina 24, Tampa Bay 21 – Carolina’s defense looks awful lately but I think they can do a good job holding off Winston on Monday Night.

NADIA: Tampa Bay 24, Carolina 17 – What is happening in Carolina? Cam is out with a possible concussion and  this division game isn’t going to go their way. Unless Jameis Winston gets interception happy again. 

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