Conviction 01×02 Preview Guide: 'Bridge and Tunnelvision'

Last week we got a little teaser of what Hayes Morrison and her team are capable of when they put their heads together and this week in Bridge and Tunnelvision, we have a new case, that affects Hayes’ frenemy, Wallace.
Let’s get ready for  ‘Bridge and Tunnelvision’:

CONVICTION (1×02): “Bridge and Tunnelvision”

Monday, October 10, 10pm, ABC


Hayes confronts Wallace head-on, investigating the case that made his career ten years ago: the Prospect 3. Three young white men confessed to the rape and robbery of a young black woman. Hayes hopes to catch Wallace off guard with the team’s investigation, but the complex case serves up a major surprise. When the young woman’s character takes a hit in the press during the investigation, she is victimized for a second time, which Hayes takes personally.



Conviction airs Mondays, 10pm on ABC

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