Rick’s Not Dead in The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peek

After months of speculation we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Rick isn’t killed by Negan on The Walking Dead. Well not yet. In an exclusive New York Comic Con preview, we got our first true look at what’s to come when Season 7 premieres.

The preview starts with Rick. He’s visibly shaken with a smear of blood on the side of his face. Before you go and look up the line up of the survivors kneeling, remember that blood splatter is a crazy thing, he might’ve turned towards or away the carnage, and we don’t know the force of Negan’s swing. Rick promises to kill Negan, not today but someday, and Negan is not fazed at all. He smiles like he didn’t just bash somebody’s head in before dragging Rick into the RV.

We’re left wondering whose Negan’s right hand man and whose blood, and various other bits, is on the ground. Whoever it is, we’re not ready for it at all.

Check out the clip below titled “Right Hand Man” and join in the anticipation for Season 7:

The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 23rd @ 9/8c.

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