Raul Castillo Cast as Oscar in The CW’s Riverdale

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Raul Castillo has been cast as Oscar in The CW’s new series Riverdale, based on the Archie Comics. Castillo is best known for his role as Richie Donado in the HBO series Looking, Gotham, and Easy.

His first appearance is set for episode five where he’ll be introduced as a successful songwriter visiting from New York. This serious and exacting man will approach Archie in hopes of coaching the aspiring songwriter. Without a doubt Oscar will be drawn in by Riverdale’s mystery and cheery facade to only realize too late that it hides a darkness that could be deadly.

Here’s hoping the visiting professor can work some magic with Archie’s musical talents when he appears. We also hope that he’s not the only one he helps. Josie and the Pussycats are on the start of their career and every little push forward counts.

Riverdale is set to premiere mid-season on The CW.

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