NFL Week 5 Winners and Losers

So, this NFL season is as crazy as we’ve come to expect. What a relief!

Order was restored in the form of ….well, anarchy this week. But hey, isn’t that what we love about the NFL?

Let’s examine this week’s winners and losers and see where your team ends up.


Tom Brady: Yeah, he took an NFL-mandated 4 week ‘vacation,’ but it’s safe to safe Tom Brady is back and the Patriots look scary with him at the helm.

Ezekiel Elliot: It’s probably still early to call this kid the second coming of Emmitt Smith, but that’s pretty much what he looks like thus far. And he’s making the Cowboys look like geniuses.

Matt Ryan: Sure, he didn’t tear up the Broncos D as he’s done with other teams, but he was effective, limited mistakes and led his team to a win. Now, he just needs to do that in the playoffs.

Joey Bosa: The San Diego Chargers aren’t exactly having a dream season, but Bosa at least gives them hope for the future.


The Houston Texans: The kind of money they dished out to steal Brock Osweiler from the Broncos has to be hurting right now.

Jeff Fisher: No one seemed too surprised at how the Rams blew the game, or at Fisher’s questionable calls, but maybe that’s the problem. No one’s surprised anymore.

Adam Gase: Either Gase is not the QB guru we thought he was, or Tannehill just isn’t that good. Either way, it’s bad news for the Dolphins.

Eli Manning: I almost don’t want to write his name – if there’s one thing we’ve learned is to never count Eli out, but the Giants offense looks anemic right now.


Nickell Robey-Coleman, Bills. Two picks, one returned for a TD and a win. Pretty sweet game.


Brock Oswelier, Texans. When the Vikings took a  decisive 24-0 lead, Osweiler had 7 yards to his name. Seven.

Agree? Disagree? Who were your winners and losers for Week 4? Share with us in the comments below.

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