NFL Pick Em: Our Picks for Week 6

Are you ready for some football?!

The sixth week of the 2016 NFL season kicked off with a battle between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers on Thursday Night Football. (Spoiler alert: We all got that pick wrong. We admit it.)

Sunday’s games also feature the first start of Colin Kaepernick’s year against Buffalo, a divisional battle between Kansas City and Oakland, and a great number of games that could go either way.

Here are our picks for week six of the 2016 NFL season:


LIZZIE: Denver 24, San Diego 14. Siemian is back and the Broncos will go back to their winning ways while Phillip Rivers continues on with his pouting ways.

CHARLES: Denver 24, San Diego 17. How will the Chargers lose this time? I’m going to go with late pick-6 by Philip Rivers

NADIA: Denver 31  San Diego 28. Trevor Siemian is set to return this week and last weeks loss for the Broncos will be nothing but an anomaly. I don’t trust the Chargers to win.


LIZZIE: Buffalo 31, San Francisco 17. I’m a believer in Buffalo, apparently. Or maybe I’m just not a big believer in the 49ers, no matter who’s starting.

CHARLES: Buffalo 30, San Francisco 18. 49ers finally made a QB change but the Bills are starting to click on all cylinders now.

NADIA: San Francisco 17 vs  Buffalo 14. So San Francisco is going to go with Kaepernick after all.  I don’t know if it will make a big difference, but they are playing Buffalo, so I will give them this. Barely.


LIZZIE: Philadelphia 27, Washington 24. I expect a close game, but I’m going to give Wentz this one.

CHARLES: Philadelphia 32, Washington 17. Eagles got their first loss last week but I have a feeling Carson Wentz will keep rolling on Washington

NADIA: Philadelphia 34 vs. Washington 21. It took Carson Wentz 5 weeks to throw an Interception. I think he corrects that real fast and this is an easy win over a mediocre Washington team.


LIZZIE: Tennessee 20, Cleveland 13. The Cleveland Browns have shown me nothing that would make me pick them. Nothing.

CHARLES: Tennessee 13, Cleveland 9. Wooo someone’s got to win.

NADIA: Cleveland 10 vs. Tennessee 21. Cleveland is having a QB crisis and Tennessee is middle of the pack. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for an easy Tennessee win.


LIZZIE: NY Giants 21, Baltimore 17. On the one hand, the Giants don’t look that good. On the other hand, neither does Baltimore.

CHARLES: NY Giants 31, Baltimore 23. I see Giants bouncing back against a Ravens team falling back down to earth.

NADIA: Baltimore 17 vs. NY Giants 27. To no shock of any Chicago Bear fan, but Ravens OC, Marc Trestman was fired. I don’t think this will be the week the Ravens will turn it around.


LIZZIE:  Carolina 34, New Orleans 30. Look, I want to pick New Orleans. I’ve just been burned too many times to do it.

CHARLES: Carolina 41, New Orleans 34. I see a QB battle in the dome with the Panthers defense pulling out a stop at the end.

NADIA: Carolina 24 vs. New Orleans 37. I’m not sure what is happening in Carolina, but I am sure they are happy to have Cam back. I still don’t think they win though.


LIZZIE: Jacksonville 31, Chicago 20. I wish I could pick the other way, I just can’t justify it.

CHARLES: Jacksonville 24, Chicago 10. The Jags have to show something if they want to be taken seriously. A solid win over a struggling Bears team can help a little.

NADIA: Jacksonville 21 vs. Chicago 20. It pains me to pick against the Bears, but until they clean up their penalty habit, it is tough to win a game. Jacksonville isn’t great either, but they are able to make field goals.


LIZZIE: Detroit 21, St. Louis 10. On the one hand, the Rams could make intelligent decisions and win. On the other hand, probably not.

CHARLES: Detroit 31, LA Rams 21. Rams have a good defense though I see Matt Stafford having a good day tearing them apart.

NADIA: St. Louis 28 vs. Detroit 27. These are 2 unpredictable teams. The pendulum can swing any way each week. I think St Louis has the slight edge this week.


LIZZIE: Pittsburgh 35, Miami 21. The Dolphins pull this one off? No way.

CHARLES: Pittsburgh 34, Miami 14. Steelers will crush the Dolphins like a used pop can. That’s all I have to say.

NADIA: Pittsburgh 35 vs. Miami 14. Pittsburgh is a dominating team and the Dolphins are just the Dolphins. Not much of a contest here.


LIZZIE: New England 31, Cincinnati 24. This could be one of the best games of the week. Sadly, the Patriots look really, really good.

CHARLES: Cincinnati 23, New England 21. Brady still has some rust to knock off and he’s facing a team he has had trouble with in the past.

NADIA: Cincinnati 21 vs. New England 38. Tom Brady is back. That is all you need to know.


LIZZIE: Oakland 35, Kansas City 21. Oakland is one of the top teams in the AFC. Who would have thought?

CHARLES: Oakland 31, Kansas City 16. The Raiders are a real threat to the AFC West and the have the offense to dismantle the Chiefs.

NADIA: Kansas City 20 vs. Oakland 31. Oakland is on fire. Derek Carr has taken control of this team and finds a way to win each week.


LIZZIE: Atlanta 24, Seattle 20. Everyone’s picking Seattle in this one. Not me. I think Matt Ryan can pull this one off too.

CHARLES: Seattle 23, Atlanta 20. This will be a battle with the better defense and Russell Wilson doing what the Broncos couldn’t last week.

NADIA: Atlanta 34 vs. Seattle 28. I haven’t given Seattle enough credit lately, but Atlanta is in a groove even when Julio isn’t.


LIZZIE: Dallas 31, Green Bay 24. I’m jumping on the Dallas train. Or maybe I’m just not jumping on the Green Bay one. 

CHARLES: Green Bay 31, Dallas 30. Both QB’s will have great days against sub-par defenses but I see the veteran Rodgers doing just a bit more for the victory.

NADIA: Dallas 28  vs. Green Bay 27. Dallas continues to impress with Prescott and Elliott. Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers and some rest after the bye, but I don’t think that will work to their advantage.


LIZZIE:  Indianapolis 27, Houston 10: Yeah, Houston can’t score. Go Indy.

CHARLES: Houston 17, Indianapolis 10. Luck has took a beating most of the year and the Texans defense will continue that trend to victory

NADIA: Indianapolis 21 vs. Houston 14. Meh. It’s a coin flip. Indy it is.


LIZZIE: Arizona 24, NY Jets 17: On paper this is a huge mismatch. Paper is meaningless sometimes, but not this time, I don’t think.

CHARLES: NY Jets 24, Arizona 14. Jets win the battle of “the disappointments of 2016′ as the Cardinals are in a freefall that can’t be stopped

NADIA: NY Jets 14 vs. Arizona 28. On paper with Forte and Brandon Marshall, the Jets should be doing well, but they can’t seem to get anything going.

Agree? Disagree? Share your own picks in the comments below!

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